Own a Revolver that Appeared in Gun Digest the Magazine

Own a Revolver that Appeared in Gun Digest the Magazine

S&W PC M629 V-Comp RevolverRandy Farris had plenty good to say about the latest Smith & Wesson revolver he put under the microscope.

The gun blogger ran a Performance Center Model 629 V-Comp through the rigmarole in a review for Gun Digest the Magazine. And when everything was said and done, he only really had only one complaint. Turns out, from Farris’ experience, the .44 Magnum is much happier chewing through heavier loads.

Now the writer has spent enough time with the slick-looking wheelgun and he is aiming to unload it. Farris has a link up at his website – AverageJoesHandgunReviews.blogspot.com – where the semi-famous firearm may be purchased.

While the gun should be enough to motivate buyers, Farris is sweetening the pot. He’s throwing in an autographed copy of the Gun Digest in which the gun and his review appeared. Check it out and see if you like the top end Smith & Wesson as much as Farris.

S&W PC 629 V-Comp .44 Magnum
Caliber: .44 Magnum
Action: Double/Single
Barrel: 4-inches, with removable compensator
Front Sight: Dovetail adjustable with blaze orange insert
Rear Sight: Adjustable black rear sight
Construction: Stainless Steel
Weight: 3.11 lbs.
Grips: Wood

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