Gun Digest the Magazine August 17, 2009


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Inside This Issue

• If you love to pull triggers, Bryce Towsley writes, you’ll want to give this game a try with the right guns and accessories. It's called 3-gun shooting, and it's hot.

• Editor Kevin Michalowski has important info about the Colt recall. Click here to read “Editor's Shot.”

• Rifles: Wickliffe – Volquartsen
• Shotguns: Davenport – Escort
• Handguns: High Standard

• Before You Buy: The school of hard knocks

• Spent Casings: Some good teams to work with

• Weapons and Tactics: The Patriot Ordinance P415

• Loading for the .45 Colt

• Plenty of new gear for shooters

• Towsley on Target: The Brilliance of Blaser

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