Gallery: James D. Julia’s October Gun Auction Thrills

Gallery: James D. Julia’s October Gun Auction Thrills

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Pine trees and lobsters typically come to mind when talking about the state of Maine. But, really, firearms shouldn’t be too far behind—particularly the collectable kind.

That is because just up the road a spell from the state’s rocky coastline is one of the nation’s premier firearms auction houses. And recently, this nearly 60-year-old company continued to prove it is among the top places to move highly sought after handguns, rifles and shotguns.

James D. Julia reported raking in approximately $15 million in its Oct. 5-7 gun auction with an impressive volume of guns moving across the block at some jaw-dropping prices. The auction house reported 412 lots moving for $10,000 or more, 175 for $20,000 or more and 7 for $100,000 or more. But the auction company was not the only show in town.

In the preceding three days to the Julia auction, Poulin Auction Company—located directly next to Julia—recorded some $4 million in firearms sales. This means that in six days, Fairfield played host to around $19 million in gun sales. And after a quick gander at what James D. Julia was moving, it doesn’t take a seasoned collector to know why pocketbooks were broken out.

As the above gallery proves, the auction house moved some truly beautiful and historic guns. Take a look. Just be careful not to drool on the merchandise, please.

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