Franchi Pricing & Reference


From the Standard Catalog of Firearms

Know what your Franchi firearms are worth with this up-to-date 8-page .PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms.

* Completely updated pricing for Franchi firearms with new entries and photos
* Value Trackers: Real-life auction results
* Sleeper Alerts: Collectible guns that are outpacing the market
* Links to manufacturers’ website

Download gun values nowLearn pricing & values for these Franchi firearms:

Franchi Astore Side-by-Side
Franchi Astore II Side-by-Side
Franchi Astore 5 Side-by-Side
Franchi Airone Side-by-Side
Franchi Condor Sidelock Double-Barrel
Franchi Imperial Sidelock Double-Barrel
Franchi Imperiales Sidelock Double-Barrel
Franchi No. 11 Imperiale Monte Carlo
Franchi Imperiale Monte Carlo Extra
Franchi Highlander
Franchi Priti Deluxe Model
Franchi Falconet
Franchi Falconet Skeet
Franchi Falconet International Skeet
Franchi Falconet Trap
Franchi Falconet International Trap
Franchi Peregrine Model 451
Franchi Peregrine Model 400
Franchi Aristocrat
Franchi Aristocrat Magnum
Franchi Aristocrat Silver King
Franchi Aristocrat Deluxe
Franchi Aristocrat Supreme
Franchi Aristocrat Imperial
Franchi Aristocrat Monte Carlo
Franchi Model 2003 Trap
Franchi Model 2004 Trap
Franchi Model 2005 Combination Trap
Franchi Model 3000 “Undergun”
Franchi Alcione Classic
Franchi Alcione T (Titanium)
Franchi Alcione T Two Barrel Set
Franchi Alcione Field Model
Franchi Alcione Sporting
Franchi Alcione LF
Franchi Alcione SL Sport
Franchi Alcione SP
Franchi Alcione Sideplates
Franchi Alcione Classic SX
Franchi Alcione Field SX
Franchi Veloce
Franchi Veloce English Stock
Franchi Veloce Grade II
Franchi Veloce Squire Set
Franchi Renaissance Field
Franchi Renaissance Classic
Franchi Renaissance Elite
Franchi Renaissance Sporting
Franchi Standard Model AL48 (1950-1970)
Franchi Hunter Model AL48 (1950-1970)
Franchi Eldorado AL48 (1954-1975)
Franchi Crown Grade
Franchi Diamond Grade
Franchi Imperial Grade
Franchi Model 500
Franchi Model 520 “Eldorado Gold”
Franchi Model 530 Trap
Franchi Prestige Model
Franchi Elite Model
Franchi SPAS12
Franchi Black Magic Game Model
Franchi Black Magic Hunter
Franchi Black Magic Lightweight Hunter
Franchi Variomax 912
Franchi Variomax 912 Camo
Franchi Variomax 912 Steadygrip
Franchi Variopress 612 Sporting
Franchi Variopress 612 Field
Franchi Variopress 612 Defense
Franchi Variopress 620 Field
Franchi Variopress 620 Short Stock
Franchi AL 48 (Modern)
Franchi AL 48 Short Stock (Modern)
Franchi AL 48 Deluxe English Stock (Modern)
Franchi AL 48 Deluxe (Modern)
Franchi Model 712
Franchi Model 720
Franchi I-12
Franchi I-12 White Gold
Franchi Centennial Semi-Automatic


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