CTK Precision’s Family of Incredible Shooting Accessories

CTK Precision’s Family of Incredible Shooting Accessories

At the heart of CTK Precision was a guy looking for better shooting equipment. Curt Knitt didn’t find what he was searching for on the market when it came to a gun vice, so he fabricated one in his shop. Once his buddies started fighting over who got to use it next, he knew he was onto something.

From there Knitt expanded his horizons.

He applied his top-notch design and manufacturing skills to create a slew of rock-solid shooting accessories, built to last a lifetime. Here’s a look at a few fruits of his dissatisfaction that have become gun owners’ gain.

CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Shooting RestP3 Ultimate Shooting Rest
The P3 rest attempts to take all the variables out of getting a rifle or pistol on target. To that end, its most important asset is its three-point leveling system. Knobs on the upper half of the unit modify the position of the rubber feet. Thumb locks then ensure the rest always keeps an even keel, even if bumped. This is not the only facet of the unit that is adaptable. The rear rest can also be adjusted to the length of the firearm, be it a long gun or handgun. Both the rear and front rests are covered in a durable marine carpet that protects the unit and the firearms used on it. The metal parts of the rest are also built to last with an E-coat finish, both inside and out. Available for $125.


CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Target StandP3 Ultimate Target Stand
One of the troubles with target stands, they’re always right in the line of fire. That’s not exactly conducive with the longevity of a product. CTK, however, has solved much of this problem by making a majority of the P3 Ultimate Target Stand replaceable. The main parts of the stand that are likely to catch a stray bullet use furring strips, inexpensive pieces of lumber available at most hardware stores. Once one has been ventilated beyond use it is simply replaced with another piece of the cheap wood. The other handy aspect to this design, the stand itself is extremely convenient to breakdown and store. Comprises of rugged 14-gauge tubing and 3/8-inch rod — both E-coat finished — the stand can be compressed to fit into a backpack. The stand is also compatible with any kind of shooting you plan on doing, since it can be configured to hold almost every conceivable size and type of target. Available for $60.


CTK Precision Universal Brass CatcherUniversal Brass Catcher
If you shoot a lot, there is a pretty good chance you also reload a lot. Which means shooting can be a real pain or at least that part where you collect all your spent brass. CTK has made this task a little less tasking with its Universal Brass Catcher. The unit is designed to snag your spent casing as fast as your gun spits them out. The unit is designed to work whether shooting from a bench, prone or offhand. And it does not affect your firearm, thus doesn’t not impede its function. The netting is made out of high-quality nylon that resists melting when in contact with hot brass. The base, like all of CTK’s products, is constructed of high-strength steel and finished with an E-coat. This is the ideal product to keep every shooting session tidy and organized. Available for $60.


CTK Precision Compact Shooting RestCompact Shooting Rest
Sometimes space is limited, even on the shooting bench. For these situations, CTK Precision's Compact Shooting Rest is the answer. Like its bigger brother, it provides a rock-solid rest to zero in a rifle or a pistol, but takes up just a fraction of the space. The unit measures in at 13-inches in length and weighs at just under 6 pounds, making it a handy piece of equipment to carry nearly anywhere. It also almost has the same adjustability as CTK’s other rests. An adjustment knob on the rear of the unit levels out the rest. And the front and rear rests can be modified for height and firearm size. Like all of the company’s products, it is constructed of high-strength steel and finished with an E-coat. Available for $105.


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