Comp-Tac Reintroduces Revamped Discreet Gun Case


Trojan Horse discreet gun caseStowing firearms in inconspicuous luggage is an idea old as Tommy Guns and violin cases.

Repurposing overnight bags and old suitcases as discreet gun cases has, however, become a thing of the past. Manufacturers have gotten the hint shooters want their privacy and now offer clandestine gun totes in every shape and size.

Comp-Tac Victory Gear is bound and determined to grab a slice of this market, introducing the Heavy Rated Trojan Horse Long Gun Case. But the non-traditional gun bag is not actually a brand new product, instead it is an overhaul of the company's original gun case.

There were apparently some issues with the first iteration of the discreet gun case that led Comp-Tac to discontinue the line. The original Trojan Horse is still available on the company’s website as the “Light” version of the case and is on clearance.

Based off customer feedback, the company has beefed up the new Trojan Horse case, making it a more durable option. One of the more notable changes in this area is the use of heavy-duty stitching to give the bag more overall strength. The case is now rated to carry up to 35 pounds of firearms and gear.

Another new feature to the case is the addition of handles, giving a second carry option. Before, the case was only outfitted with a shoulder strap.

While Comp-Tac has made some tweaks, it has kept many of the features that made the Trojan Horse popular in the first place.

The new version still offers firearms substantial protection while being transported, with rigid side panels. But the panels serve a dual purpose, also keeping the bag's contents under wraps by eliminating printing.

The Trojan Horse is 36-inches in length, making it perfect for most modern guns with 20-inch barrels and adjustable stocks. And outfitted with a dividing panel, the case is designed to carry more than one firearm at a time.

The interior of the case also has a number of features that have the potential to keep shooters organized. The case has two inside zipper pockets, Molle Straps and female Velcro to keep gear in place during transportation.

The case’s shape is ambiguous, while it definitely does not appear to be a gun case it also does not look like many other pieces of luggage out there. Perhaps it most closely resembles a tennis racquet bag. This might be good and bad.

Overall, the shape looks like it will keep the bag’s contents under wraps. But the Trojan Horse’s overall abstractness could pique the interest by someone just plain curious about what one carries in such a bag.
Trojan Horse discreet gun case
Despite this potential, the Trojan Horse and other discreet gun cases like it are certain to gain popularity. The bags give urban and suburban shooters the ability to make it to the range without eliciting panic from the pearl clutchers of the world.

The Trojan Horse has an MSRP of $100, the middle price range of many similar cases. Still, it's not a bad price for shooters to keep their privacy when in public.


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  1. I bought this case several years ago and discovered that it is a perfect fit for a TAVOR TS12 shotgun with an Eotech sight and surefire scout weapon light.


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