Colt Firearms Announces Spring Fever Promotion

Colt Firearms Announces Spring Fever Promotion
The free perk for by a Colt MSR, a Bulldog Case.
Colt Firearms.
The free perk for buying a Colt MSR, a Bulldog Case.

As one of the longest-running manufacturers of the modern sporting rifle, Colt Firearms has earned its stripes when it comes to the firearm.

The Connecticut-based company has built a dedicated following, gun owners who are willing to go the extra mile just to have Colt stamped on their lower receiver. With dedication like that the company rarely has to sweeten the pot to get a shooter behind the trigger of one of its rifles.

Colt, however, is going the extra mile, recently giving potential buyers another reason to choose the iconic gunmaker.

The company announced it is giving away a free gun case with the purchase of any new modern sporting rifle in its Spring Fever Promotion. And like anything associated with Colt Firearms, the gun case the company is offering is top shelf.

The Bulldog’s black Standard Tactical Case is a solid fit for the modern sporting rifle, including all the options a shooter needs.

The case has a speciaColt Firearmslized designed with a reverse slant that allows the proper carrying of a carbine or rifle with the scope up. And it is built to fully protect the firearm from not only bumps, but also the elements.

It features extra thick padding along the side for maximum shock absorption. And the case is manufactured with a water-resistant outer shell to protect the gun in inclement conditions.

The case also has a dash of style. It is embroidered with the Rampant Colt and Serpentine Colt logos and is outfitted with Colt-branded zippers.

In order to receive the Bulldog rifle case, customers need to complete a request form and upload a proof-of-purchase scan at The rifle case will then be shipped directly to the customer from Bulldog. The promotions run now through May 31, 2014.



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