Browning Introduces the Scaled Down Cynergy Micro Midas

Browning Introduces the Scaled Down Cynergy Micro Midas
The Browning Cynergy Micro Midas is tailored for smaller-framed shooters.
The Browning Cynergy Micro Midas is tailored for smaller-framed shooters.
The Browning Cynergy Micro Midas is tailored for smaller-framed shooters.

Have a youth aiming to get into shotgunning or know a small-framed shooter in the market for a new gun? Browning might have the answer with the release of the Cynergy Micro Midas.

Browning’s Cynergy shotguns have gotten more than one heart racing in the world of smoothbores. And the company appears set to hook another generation on the unique looking firearm.

While the Utah gun designer’s new Cynergy Micro Midas isn’t exclusively aimed at youth shooters, it appears to have everything a fledgling shotgunner requires in a top-end over/under. This is particularly true when it comes to the gun’s bore.

As a 20-gauge, the shotgun should provide a more pleasant experience for shooters unaccustomed to a smoothbore’s kick. And given the line’s history of being among the daintiest on the market, the new model coming out in a lighter bore was perhaps even more important. Particularly since kick is more pronounce to lighter-framed shooters.

Even so, at 6-pounds in the 24-inch barreled model and just 2-onces more with a 26-inch barrel, the gun has the potential to have a bit of kiss after the trigger is pulled. The laws of physics will not be denied, after all.

The dimensions of Browning’s new smoothbore should do its part to make it a more agreeable shooter, as well as a more intuitive pointer. This is especially true when it comes to shotgun's 13-inch length of pull. The length is 1 1/4-inches shorter than the standard models, which should fit smaller shooters well.

This pull is not so long as to create awkward shouldering and the inaccuracy certain to follow. And not so short as to give the shotgun a chance to really belt the shooter with a nasty kick. This, however, isn't the only measurement that counts when it comes to the newest Cynergy.

At 41 3/4-inches in overall length — that is, with a 24-inch barrel — the Micro Midas should provide a balanced firearm for smaller shooters. And with a 1 5/8-inch drop at comb and 2-inch drop at heel, it also should be quick to draw a bead.

The gun maybe cut for youths, but it’s decked out to be a keeper. Stocked in Grade I and II black walnut, the striking and abrupt lines common to Cynergy shotguns pops. Not to mention, the dark rich wood really makes the silver nitride finish on the receiver glimmer.

The Micro Midas has a number of features common to the entire Cynergy line. These include the Monolock Hinge that gives the receiver its low profile, shell ejectors, Invector Plus flush fitting chokes and Browning’s Reverse Striker Mechanical Trigger.

This last feature should be especially handy in insuring follow-up shots for newer shooters. The trigger pull on the first shot sets the hammer for the second, instead of the gun having to rely on inertia to do the job.

The Cyergy Micro Midas has plenty to offer, however, it comes at a price. The shotgun presently has a $1,869 MSRP.


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