5 Gift Ideas for Gun Owners Who “Have Everything”

5 Gift Ideas for Gun Owners Who “Have Everything”

Finding gifts for gun owners can be a bit challenging if the recipients already “have everything.”

Gift for Gun Owners #1: Snagmag

  • Snagmag ReviewGreat concealed carry gift idea
  • A “wish I’d thought of that” product

The Snagmag concealed carry magazine holster makes pocketing spare ammunition a breeze. 

Gun Digest Tip: Make sure you know the model number of the pistol the recipient uses for concealed carry. Each Snagmag is model specific.

Gift for Gun Owners #2: Gun Safe Lights

  • Best gun safe lightsPerfect for anyone with a gun safe
  • Come in packs of two
  • Small enough to fit inside a stocking

These universal, easy-to-install Gun Digest gun safe lights turn on and off automatically with long-lasting LEDs. The lights solve one of the most common problems to storing a gun: dark gun safes. Pick up four lights (that’s two two-packs) for medium to large safes. 

Gun Digest Tip: Best gifted with a pack of AAA batteries.

Gift for Gun Owners #3: Great Guns Daily Calendar

  • CalendarIt’s still 2014 – they don’t have this yet!
  • A Gun Digest exclusive

You can’t go wrong with this page-a-day calendar, which offers photos and information across the spectrum of firearms.


Gift for Gun Owners #4: Firearm Patent Print Posters

  • Cool and interesting art
  • Popular models available
  • Did we already say they’re cool?

The most popular firearms of today started as sketches yesterday. Display a piece of gun history with a firearm patent print posters. Four models are available, and any one of them will look terrific on the wall.

Gun Digest Tip: These posters don’t come with frames, so you may want to pick one up.

Gift for Gun Owners #5: 2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms

  • standard-catalog-2015Lists of firearm prices
  • On its 25th edition, so you know it’s good
  • Wide appeal
  • Recently released, so the gun owner on your list probably doesn’t have it

The 2015 Standard Catalog of Firearms contains pricing and condition information for thousands and thousands of guns. If the pricing information isn’t enough, it contains tons of trivia. You can’t go wrong with this book.

Gun Digest Tip: This book is similar but not quite the same as The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices and the Blue Book of Gun Values. Completing the trifecta will ensure your favorite gun owner is covered. This is one area where there’s no such thing as too much information.


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