10 Cool Gear Items for the Shooting Range

10 Cool Gear Items for the Shooting Range

Wring maximum enjoyment from your time at the gun range with the right gear for the job. From ear and eye protection to instant-feedback targets, this list is a starting point for some of the new, great range equipment worth considering.

1. Radians Leather Shooting Gloves

Radians shooting glove.For 2013, Radians leaned on its long experience making safety gear for law enforcement and first responders to create a comfortable, functional set of shooting gloves. The palms are crafted from goatskin to blend softness and durability, while the mesh backs allow perspiration vapor to escape. Elastic wrists secure via a hook-and-loop strap for a nonbinding, customizable fit. ($20; radians.com)

2. Wiley X Valor Shooting Glasses

Wiley X Valor shooting glasses.Good shooting glasses don’t have to look like they stepped straight out of shop class. These stylish specs feature lightweight nylon frames that Wiley X claims are virtually indestructible. The shatterproof lenses also stand up to hard use and are ANSI-certified to withstand the impact of a .25-inch steel BB impacting at 150 fps. The lenses also swap out easily, so you can go from clear to shaded as conditions dictate. Prescription lenses are also available. ($95; wileyx.com)

3. SightBloc

The In Range SightBloc.Finding a range rest that works well with ARs, bolt guns and pistols just got a lot easier with the introduction of the SightBloc. Crafted from ballistic rubber to offer three different shooting heights, allows the shooter to quickly and easily get on target with just a flip of the block. Made for all-weather use, the recycled rubber is rot, sun and water-resistant meaning you can leave on your home range all season long. ($50; inrangesupplies.com)

4. Remington Squee-G System Kit

Remington Squee-G gun cleaning kit.Some folks like cleaning guns, but me, I hate it. But I do love this new universal cleaning kit. The rubber tips make cleaning easier, with just a simple, pull-through motion that wipes the bore clean in just a few steps. The 32-piece kit accommodates everything from a .22 all the way up to 12-gauge to cover nearly all rifles, handguns and shotguns. It also includes a bottle each of Rem Oil and All-In Bore Cleaner. The carrying case doubles as a range bag. ($80; remington.com)

5. Cabela’s Pinnacle Shooting Bench

Cabelas Pinnacle Shooting Bench.Inspired by professional massage chairs, this collapsible shooting bench features an adjustable seat that leans forward allowing the shooter to rest against an ergonomically designed sternum pad, putting him at just the right angle for an accurate shot. Cabela’s also claims the set-up helps the shooter better absorb felt recoil when shooting heavy calibers or sighting in a shotgun stuffed with magnum turkey loads. Bench and platform are constructed from ABS plastic with a powder-coated steel frame. ($280; cabelas.com)

6. Howard Leight Impact Pro Muffs

Howard Leight Impact Sport ear muffs. A good set of electronic muffs, like these from Howard Leight, not only help save your hearing, but also increase range safety by allowing the wearer to clearly hear range instructions and commands. Each slim-cut housing is fitted with a stereo microphone controlled by a single volume control knob. Active-response circuitry within the muffs amplifies voice and ambient sounds, yet instantly shuts off at 82 decibels to protect the shooter’s hearing. Runs on standard AAA batteries. ($55; howardleight.com)

7. Benchmaster Bison Bags

Benchmaster Bison Bags.There are a lot of quality bench bags on the market, but few as distinctive as these made from top-grain bison leather. These bags blend the toughness to resist wear with a soft hand that cradles your firearm with care. Even the vegetable-tanning process is designed with fine guns in mind as it won’t corrode bluing like cheaper, chromium-tanned leather bags do. An easy-pour spout makes filling or emptying these bags with sand, beans or other media a breeze. ($60; benchmasterusa.com)

8. Blackhawk! Diversion Range Bag

Blackhawk Diversion Bag.Sometimes you don’t want to call attention to yourself, which calls for equipment from Blackhawk’s new Diversion line of gun cases, backpacks and bags. Designed to look more like something you’d carry to the gym, the Range Bag features a fold-out front flap with removable pistol rug. Inside the large compartment utilizes removable dividers to organize ammo, eye protection and muffs. Two end pockets have hidden handgun compartments, and the whole package is wrapped in sporty colors that don’t scream, “I’m carrying a gun!” ($150; blackhawk.com)

9. Birchwood Casey 3-Gun Nation Targets

Dirty Bird 3-Gun Nation Targets.The official targets of very popular 3-Gun Nation now feature Birchwood Casey’s Dirty Bird splattering, hi-visibility technology. Each hit within the 17¼-inch target circle reveals a white splatter-mark for instant feedback to both the shooter and the range master. A red 8-inch circle within a circle represents the primary or A zone, while the remaining black ring is the B zone, which requires two hits for a pass. It’s worth noting these targets are nonadhesive. ($13/per five targets; birchwoodcasey.com)

10. MGM Long Range Flash Target

MGM Long-Range Flash Target.This auto-resetting target delivers an immediate answer to the question “Did I hit it?” With every hit, the 10-inch steel target swings backward, causing a bright orange polycarbonate panel to pop-up for visual confirmation. As the target falls back into place, the orange cue disappears and you’re ready to fire again. Great for the home range or competitive shooting, it’s designed to work past 400 yards when shooting a .223 and has been competition-proven to activate well beyond that, though the company suggests having a spotter to confirm hits at longer ranges. ($427; mgmtargets.com)

This article appeared in the May 12, 2013 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.


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