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The decision to carry concealed is a personal one. The power to protect what we care about carries a lot of responsibility and respect. If you're just starting out, we've gathered some of our best articles below to get you on the right path. 

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At Gun Digest, we know Concealed Carry. That's why we want you to have all the info you need to get you started carrying right. We recommend giving each one of these a readthrough to learn more about:

  • The Fundamentals of Carrying Concealed
  • How to choose a Firearm for Every Day Carry
  • The Absolute Necessity of a Proper Holster
  • Legal Considerations you need to be thinking about

Concealed Carry Fundamentals


Ten Commandments for Concealed Carry

Massad Ayoob delivers on high the must-follow rules for those who carry concealed.

7 Concealed Carry Myths Busted

There’s a lot of information out there regarding concealed carry. How much is fact and how much is fiction?

Concealed Carry And Traveling Armed

Given the lack of national reciprocity, armed citizens must be aware of other states’ concealed carry laws if they travel. Ignorance to other states’ firearms laws when traveling can set you on a course for serious trouble.

How to Select a Firearm to Carry Concealed

Replacement grips make it easy to adjust the revolver for a custom fit.

Choosing A Handgun For Concealed Carry: Factors To Consider

A concealed carry handgun must fit the individual, not just the task at hand. Use these tips to find the best handgun for your needs.

10 Tips for Choosing a Concealed Carry Handgun

When you go to purchase your first defensive handgun for concealed carry, you may find yourself feeling nervous and out of your element at the gun shop. These 10 tips will help you find the best handguns for concealed carry.

Concealed Carry: What's The Best Capacity For An EDC Gun?

We take it for granted that higher capacity pistols are the most logical choice for concealed carry, but are they really the best option for the majority of armed citizens?

Holsters - Gear that could Save your Life


How to Pick Your First Concealed Carry Holster

A Gun Digest reader asks, “I’m taking my first concealed weapons class with a small frame 9mm pistol. Can you recommend a specific holster to get started?”

How Risk Profile Influences Concealed Carry Holster Choice

Your life circumstances affect your "risk profile," which has as much bearing on choosing the best concealed carry holster as which gun you choose to carry.

5 Things You Must Know About Concealed Carry Holsters

You've got your CCW handgun, but before you start packing here are five things about concealed carry holsters you need to be aware of before you go armed.

Legal Considerations for Carrying Concealed


Best Concealed Carry Insurance Options (2024)

Eight major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed.
Concealed Carry – after the shooting – ayoob

Concealed Carry: After the Shooting

Massad Ayoob outlines a five-point checklist of things a righteous shooter needs to establish as soon as possible after the use of deadly force.

Tips For Communicating With Police After Shootings

Understanding how to communicate with police after a incident that involved lethal force will save you trouble in the long run.