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First Look: Dead Air Primal Suppressor

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Ready for 9mm pistols to .45-70 rifles, the Dead Air Primal may be the new best choice for the one-can-man.

Primal Suppressor Specs:

For those who already have expansive and diverse arsenals but haven’t dabbled in the world of NFA items yet, it may be difficult to choose which gun you want to suppress first. Dead Air’s answer? Why not all of them. The newly released Dead Air Primal is a .46 caliber suppressor that was optimized for high-pressure rifle cartridges but designed to run on everything down to 9mm pistols. Add in the vast array of mounting possibilities with the Primal, and this may be the only suppressor you'll ever need.


From 9mm to .45 ACP, and 45-70 to .338 Lapua, like a rabid beast the Primal will eat just about anything you give it.

Versatility was clearly the goal with the Dead Air Primal, not just between calibers but between platforms as well. By giving the suppressor plenty of internal volume, the Primal can suppress calibers much smaller than its bore size. While optimized for big-bore, high-pressure rounds like .45-70 Gov’t, this suppressor will still get the job done on an AR-15. Because the can utilizes the HUB mounting system, it can be configured to attach to almost all common suppressor mounts. From different direct-thread pitches to flash hider mounts, tri-lugs and pistol boosters, it’s this system that enables the Dead Air Primal to work with so many different weapon platforms. Long gun or pistol, automatic or manual action, big bore or small, the Primal can do it all.


Nothing in this world is free, unfortunately, especially when it comes to physics. While the Dead Air Primal certainly can suppress a wide variety of calibers, it only excels with some of them. If your only aim is to make your gun as quiet as possible, for most calibers you can find a more efficient suppressor than the Primal. It was also made of stainless steel to contain large rifle cartridges, so while it can work with a handgun, it will be larger and heavier than most dedicated pistol suppressors need to be.

The Dead Air Primal seems like the perfect fit for someone who has ARs, AKs and HKs in calibers ranging from 9mm to .308, and wants to suppress them all as cheaply and quickly as possible. It may not be the very best at any particular role, but for the cost and hassle of a single tax stamp, it can do quite a lot for its price.

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