Black Hills Ammunition’s New Cartridges

Black Hills Ammunition’s New Cartridges

If you are a cowboy action shooter, you’re most likely familiar with Black Hills Ammunition. The company made a name, in part, feeding old west single-action revolvers and repeating rifles with authentic ammunition for that genre of firearms. But the South Dakota company has full lines of cartridges for modern rifles and handguns. And it’s a catalog that continues to grow; below are the newest additions to Black Hills Ammunition’s lineup for 2015.

.338 Lapua, 250-grain Nosler AccuBond. Photo Black Hills Ammunition.338 Lapua, 250-grain Nosler AccuBond

Black Hills already had a modest lineup of rounds for the precision long-distance .338 Lupua. But the company has expanded its collection with a round topped with a shooter favorite – Nosler AccuBond. The company's aim with the load was to provide a premium performance option in a caliber that has few off the shelf. The 250-grain projectile was chosen, according to the company, due to its optimum performance in rifles with standard twist rates. Black Hills measured the round’s muzzle velocity at 2,850 fps and muzzle energy at 4,500 ft-lbs.

.308 Winchester, 168-grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing. Photo Black Hills Ammunition.308 Winchester, 168-grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing

Black Hills Ammunition has expanded its partnership with Sierra Bullets to produce what should be a top load for precision shooters. The company is releasing a .308 round topped with a Tipped MatchKing bullet in the popular 168-grain weight. The weight is preferred choice of many match shooters and law-enforcement snipers. And it should prove even more so with the Sierra bullet’s superb ballistic coefficient, which ranges from .462 to .535, depending on velocity.

5.56x45mm, 70-grain Hornady GMX. Photo Black Hills Ammunition5.56x45mm, 70-grain Hornady GMX

Black Hills new 70-grain 5.56 is just the medicine for those searching for a high-performing monometal round. The load features a Hornady GMX monolithic copper alloy bullet. The longer projectile offers shooters an outstanding .350 ballistic coefficient. This combined with its weight and 95-percent retention of mass after impact, the round has excellent terminal ballistics and can really reach out and touch a critter. It also gives law enforcement a solid choice for a barrier penetration. Note, the load is designed to function with 1:7- and 1:8-inch twist rates.


5.56x45mm, 69-grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing. Photo Black Hills Ammunition5.56x45mm, 69-grain Sierra Tipped MatchKing

Black Hills has been busy with one of America’s most popular calibers – the 5.56. This new load is 69-grain round designed for the 1:9-inch twist rate, common in many AR-style rifles. Mated with a Sierra Tipped MatchKing bullet, the round offers shooters an impressive ballistic coefficient for the caliber – .375. This gives the round the qualities of a standard 77-grain load in a lighter projectile.


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