Ammo Retailer Lists Top-10 Sellers of 2013


Ever wonder what Americans like to shoot? gives us an idea about what our friends and neighbors are pulling the trigger on at the range and in the field.

The internet ammunition retailer crunched its numbers from 2013, figuring out where their money comes from. And for most firearms enthusiasts the results should come as no surprise — 9mm Luger and .223 Remington. The rounds accounted for nearly 31 percent of the company’s revenues from the past year with the 9mm taking the crown as the overall most popular round (it has been the most used in America for awhile, according to Cartridges of the World), producing nearly a quarter of the retailer’s revenue.

What was surprising was the .22 long falling into fifth place. Given how ubiquitous it is, the .22 long seemed to be a natural top-three, even with it being a relatively thrifty round to shoot. Since this list is revenue based, perhaps the round’s place is a testament to exactly how light it is on the pocketbook.


While’s look at ammo sales does not hold many surprises, its report on state-by-state visits does. Few will gasp over Texas topping the list, but some eyebrows might be raised over the No. 2 — California. Despite the state’s spat of anti-gun legislation, the Golden State continues to thumb off rounds like few others.

The entire report is worth a read, especially for those involved with firearms and ammunition retailing. To be sure, it is not a definitive look at the market, but it gives a fairly authoritative glimpse at what and where American’s are shooting.

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  1. “The entire report is worth a read” is open to debate. Since the manufacturers have QUIT MAKING SOME POPULAR AMMO, and REDUCED PRODUCTION OF OTHER AMMO -LIKE .22RF, any such “analysis” is fundamentally useless.

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