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First Look: Ruger ReadyDot Micro Reflex Sight

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Ruger has just announced the ReadyDot micro reflex sight, a new compact pistol red dot that utilizes fiber optics rather than a battery.

Ruger recently unveiled an interesting new pistol red dot concept. It’s called the Ruger ReadyDot Optic, and it requires no batteries to function thanks to its utilization of fiber optics. What’s more, it’s also non-adjustable and has no controls for changing windage or elevation. Why? Ruger claims that with compatible pistols the ReadyDot will be zeroed out of the box.

Featuring the common Shield RMSc mounting footprint, the ReadyDot was specifically designed to co-witness the iron sights of Ruger Max-9 pistols. However, Ruger also claims that the optic is compatible with similar compact optics-ready handguns that feature the correct mounting pattern. Once installed, the ReadyDot should both co-witness the irons and be adequately zeroed for use at typical pistol engagement distances.

Because the optic is based on fiber optics rather than battery power, it automatically adjusts the dot’s brightness to the ambient light level. The only downside to this concept is that the ReadyDot will not function in zero-light environments and may be difficult to use in low-light environments. For normal conditions, however, its large 15-MOA dot should be very visible and easy to use. The simplicity of the red dot results in two more advantages as well in the form of high durability and a low price. Because it lacks any adjustment mechanisms, the zero can’t be thrown off by accident or from too much shock. This also allows it to be marketed as both waterproof and shock resistant.  

As mentioned, the final bonus to this simple little optic is its low price, as it has an MSRP of only $99.95. The Ruger ReadyDot is available now and comes with a T10 Torx Wrench and two M4x0.7 8mm screws.

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