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First Look: Meopta Optika5 2-10×42 PA Riflescope

Designed to be used on air rifles to slug guns from up-close or far away, the new Meopta Optika 5 is one versatile package.

Meopta Optika5 2-10×42 PA Features:

Good quality riflescopes are often expensive and designed to excel in a very specific role. For those who are not dedicated to a single discipline of long-range shooting, it can be hard to justify purchasing a scope that may only excel in certain specific roles. This is what makes jack-of-all-trade scopes like the new Meopta Optika5 so appealing, with versatility being one of its main selling points. Designed to be used on everything from air rifles and rimfires to muzzleloaders and slug guns at distances ranging from 10 yards to infinity, the Meopta Optika5 is suited for a variety of different jobs.

Nearly Any Task

Optics obviously need to be able to withstand the recoil impulse of whatever firearm they are mounted to, but not every recoil impulse is the same. It’s not just about the raw amount of energy or the caliber of the projectile, but the direction of the impulse as well. That’s why the Meopta Optika5 was designed to not only handle muzzleloaders, slug guns and large-bore centerfires, but spring-piston air rifles with bi-directional recoil as well. This combined with the scope’s 10-yard to infinity parallax means that it could excel at everything from hunting small or large game to winning precision rimfire competitions.

The scope’s single-piece construction from aircraft-grade aluminum should help to ensure that the Meopta Optika5 is durable enough to survive the abuse of a serious hunting expedition, and its hydrophobic lens coatings help protect it from moisture, grease or dirt. The coating also protects against abrasion and allows for maximum light transmission while reducing glare and reflection.

The Meopta Optika5 comes with a choice of two second focal plane reticles, either the Z-Plex or the Z-Plus. MSRP is $349.99 and each scope comes with Meopta’s lifetime warranty.

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