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New Guns And Gear February 2021

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Looking for a new iron or piece of kit to enhance the one you already own? Check out these seven new bits of guns and gear to grow your firearms wish list.

What Are The New Guns And Gear:

Springfield Model 2020 Waypoint

With its first bolt-action rifle, Springfield Armory provides a top-shelf option to upgrade your next hunt. Like any rifle worth its salt, the heart of the Model 2020 Waypoint is a strong action. Constructed from stainless steel and kept to exceedingly tight tolerances, the Model 2020 action features glass-smooth EDM-machined lug raceways, fluted bolt and dual cocking cams. Lightening the load is a hand-laid stock from AG Composites, complete with full pistol grip, optional adjustable comb and pillar bedding. Added to this is an optional carbon-fiber wrapped barrel from BSF barrels, and you have an iron that in its lightest models tips the scales at well under 7 pounds. MSRP: Starting at $1,699

Leupold SX-2 Alpine HD

SX-2 Alpine HD 60×60 180143

Enhancing a hunt in big country means stepping up your optics. Recently introduced, the SX-2 Alpine HD spotting scope line delivers impeccable images and ample magnification. Available in two models—a 20-60x60mm internal optics and a 20-60x80mm option—the scopes offer best-in-class features, ergonomic designs, and field-rugged durability. Oh yeah, and they’re priced in the range most shooters can afford, too. What’s included: generous eye boxes to reduce eye strain, comfortable oversized eyepieces and water and fog proofing. Of course, it boasts Leupold’s Twilight Max Light Management System, which extends the scopes’ usefulness into low-light conditions. Additionally, the optic is field tough, with the company’s Diamondcoat lenses making them nearly impervious to scratches. MSRP: Starting at $519

Real Avid Master Sight Pusher

One of the least expensive ways to improve a pistol is investing in high-quality sights. The only trouble is getting them on and dialed in typically involves a gunsmith, or at least a competent gun-counter guy. For those who swap out sights on the regular, there’s no better addition to a tool kit than the Master Sight Pusher. Compatible with nearly any make and model of handgun, the device precisely and quickly removes and installs both front and rear dovetail sights. Unlike many other options, Real Avid’s pusher doesn’t require a vice, with enough heft to keep it in place during the procedure. And large, rubberized handles make torquing sights into place a snap. MSRP: $149.99

Check Out More Guns And Gear:

S&W M&P M2.0 Compact 4-Inch Optics Ready

More and more gunmakers are embracing the advantages of reflex optics with pistols tailored to mount the enhancement. Latest in the game, Smith & Wesson. Long a favorite in self-defense circles, the M2.0 Compact is now available with an optics-ready milled slide, creating a rock-solid platform for a red-dot sight. Keeping the optic low profile and protecting it from the 9mm’s recoil impulses, the slide cut also keeps most standard red-dots in place and impervious to everyday rough and tumble. Additionally, Smith & Wesson ensures you can still aim even if the optic goes out with high-rise iron sights, designed to co-witness through the red-dot. Boasting all the features that have made the M2.0 a hit, the optics-enhanced version more than has you covered. MSRP: $619

Safariland Foam Impulse Hearing Protection Earbuds

Improved gear doesn’t always connote top dollar. Take Safariland’s new earbuds, for example. Priced affordably enough for any shooters, the foam hearing protection offers nearly unparalleled defense for your ears. At the peak, the earbuds offer 38 dB of noise reduction—so you won’t damage your hearing, even if you’re blasting off belted magnums. Impressively, the buds are adjustable for ambient noise as well, offering both 13 dB and 20 dB continuous noise reduction, allowing you to adapt them to your circumstances. Best of all, Impulse buds aren’t electronic, so you never have to worry about changing batteries. MSRP: $14.99

Sector Optics F1 Rangefinder

If you don’t know the range, you can’t get on target. Sector Optics all but erases this perpetual shooting challenge with its first stand-alone rangefinder. But there’s a big twist on this fairly long-toothed piece of shooting tech: It attaches to traditional riflescopes. The pretty ingenious concept essentially transforms analog optics into digital marvels. About the size of a small flashlight, the F1 gives shooters linear range and horizontal equivalent readings out to 1,000-plus yards. And it cuts down on shuffling through gizmos to get a shooting solution. Best of all, the rangefinder is small and light enough that it won’t throw off the balance of a rifle. Now that’s an upgrade! MSRP: $1,049.99

Ulfhednar UH034 Guncover/AR Soft Case

Rugged as the Norwegian landscape it hales from, Ulfhednar gear is built to last. That goes for the gear manufacturer’s new soft case. Designed to tote AR-style rifles and other firearms with a tactical bent, the case not only provides the protection of a Cordura nylon exterior, but practical-tactical convenience. This is seen in its two large carry straps along with ergonomic backpack straps, ample loops on the interior, Velcro rifle secures, padded exterior pockets and Molle system on the outside. Heck, it even boasts oversized pulls on the YKK zippers, so opening and closing the case with gloves on is a snap. For certain, Ulfhednar’s soft case is head and shoulders above nearly any other gun transportation system. MSRP: $201.37

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the December 2020 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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