Keep Kit In Line With The Stealth 20L Backpack

Keep Kit In Line With The Stealth 20L Backpack

Working in conjunction with rigid MOLLE fields, the Stealth 20L keeps your gear organized and at hand.

How The Stealth 20L Outdoes Other Packs:

  • Two RMP panels keep gear organized.
  • Strong 1000 Denier nylon construction stands up to any conditions.
  • Throw a bulletproof insert in and use it as a shield.

It’s no secret, a good pack makes life easier. This applies equally to toting around your laptop and workout clothes as it does extra mags and a medkit. Either case, you don’t want to be left rummaging for a possible and coming up with everything except what you’re after. This is why Grey Man Tactical’s new offering should prove intriguing for those who need gear at hand at a moment’s notice.

Stealth 20L 1

Utilizing the company’s unique Rigid MOLLE Panel (RMP), the Stealth 20L Backpack offers an unparalleled organization system and lightning-fast access. For those who’ve yet to catch wind of the RMP, it’s a slick system. Made from lightweight, high-endurance polymer, the panel is a rigid MOLLE field that won’t slump and keeps gear in place. They’re available standalone, and great for, say, an organization system on the back of a truck seat. But make an impressive enhancement in the Stealth 20L Backpack. It’s especially handy if you carry off body, creating a system where a pistol remains predictably in place.

The Stealth 20L comes with two RMPs, a 10.75×17 inch panel that fits in the main compartment and a 15.25×11 inch one in the concealed carry compartment. The latter is quick access, thanks to a right-side handle and two large YKK zippers. Built from water-resistant 1000 Denier nylon, the Stealth 20L stands up to nearly any environment. At the same tick, it won’t draw eyes. The pack is decided understated in appearance, cutting a low profile that won’t single you out from the crowd. Certainly, a plus if you happen to live in urban areas.

Stealth 20L 2

Internally, the pack has a padded laptop compartment to keep electronics safe from unwanted damage, supported by a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) sheet for more impact resistance. The Stealth 20L boasts quick-release sternum and shoulder straps allowing for rapid access to any of the six compartments in the blink of an eye. And two luggage straps across the back allow it to slide onto a rolling suitcase handle. Interestingly, using the straps as handles, the Stealth 20L converts into a shield with the addition of a bulletproof insert.

A nifty package, but one demanding its pound of flesh. Presently, the MSRP on Grey Man’s Tactical Stealth 20L Backpack is $294.

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