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True Velocity Composite-Cased Ammo Now Available

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The future of ammo is here, True Velocity’s composite-cased .308 Winchester is available now with more calibers to come.

True Velocity Composite-Cased Ammo Advantages:

Originally developed for The U.S. Army’s Next Generation Squad Weapons program, True Velocity’s composite-cased ammunition first became available to the public through their commemorative box set. Now, for those who’d actually like to try shooting this innovative new ammo, it’s available in more economically viable 20-round boxes.

While the biggest advantages of composite-cased ammo are only useful for military logistics on a large scale, there are some benefits that can be experienced by the individual shooter as well. The reduced heat transfer between the cartridge case and the chamber results in decreased throat erosion and a longer chamber life, although you’d have to be shooting a lot of True Velocity exclusively to benefit from the effects. The sub-MOA accuracy and extremely consistent muzzle velocity is the real appeal of this ammo for the average enthusiast, both of which are achieved by what True Velocity describes as “medical-grade manufacturing.” The use of robots and intensive quality-control systems ensures that each round produced is perfectly within spec.

Twenty-round boxes of .308 Winchester are available for purchase now with an MSRP of $69.99 per box. They will be introducing new calibers for sale in the coming months as well, and while they didn’t specify which ones, 5.56 is probably a safe bet.

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