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NovX Ammunition is shooting for a hard-hitting, lighter round by utilizing cutting edge materials.

What makes NovX Ammunition special?

  • NovX uses Polycase copper-polymer bullets.
  • It combines these with Shell Shock Technologies' NAS3 stainless steel-aluminum cases.
  • NovX rounds are designed to produce more velocity along with less recoil.
  • This makes them ideally suited for personal defense usage.
  • The Shell Shock cases can be reloaded with special dies from the company.

It seems that until the advent of a concealed-carry rail gun, shooters will have to make due with 19th century technology when it comes launching projectiles. But, in actuality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Presently, there is a bit of a revolution going on when it comes to ammo, though unless you studied it closely, you might have missed it. Futuristic rounds cut the same profile as their predecessors, looking like almost any other bullet/case combination you’d find. But on closer inspection, it’s easy to see this ammunition is light years away from the bass and lead with which we are familiar.

The material ammo is comprised of is changing, and fast. And perhaps no other company has made a bigger jump in how a cartridge is composed than Timberghost Tactical LLC. Not only has the Georgia-based company embraced cutting-edge technology when it comes to its bullets, but it employs a completely re-imagined concept of the case with its NovX Ammunition.

Available presently in four 9mm loads, NovX combines Polycase copper-polymer bullets with Shell Shock Technologies NAS3 stainless steel-aluminum cases. What results is what the company bills as one of the lightest rounds available that's still meant to hit like a freight train. Not a bad sales pitch for someone looking to remain agile while carrying concealed, with a few spare magazines to boot.

Timberghost pegs its flagship 9mm defensive ammunition at 40- to 60-percent lighter than standard rounds, which is considerable when ounces are added up to pounds. On top of that, according to the company’s press release, the rounds produce 20- to 30-percent less felt recoil and 20- to 30-percent higher velocity than similar conventional ammunition. To that final point, according to Timberghost’s numbers, its four rounds — all 65 grains — produce muzzle velocities between 1,550 and 1,655.

As those who are familiar with Polycase's copper-polymer defensive round might know, they do not mushroom upon impact on a target. Instead, they produce wound cavities through the bullets rotation and flutes on the bullet's ogive. And they are more than adept at their job, counter intuitive as it may seem.

NovX is offering two training rounds (RNP CrossTrainer and RNP CrossTrainer +P) tipped with Polycase’s RNP bullets and two self-defense rounds (ARX Engagement and ARX Engagement +P) tipped with ARX Bullets.

As a side note, yes, the Shell Shock cases can be reloaded, but there is a catch. You’ll have to invest in special dies from the company.

NovX Specs:

9mm ARX Engagement
Weight: 65 grain
Velocity:1,575 fps

9mm ARX Engagement +P
Weight: 65 grain
Velocity:1,655 fps 

9mm RNP CrossTrainer
Weight: 65 grain
Velocity: 1,550 fps

9mm RNP CrossTrainer +P
Weight: 65 grain
Velocity: 1,635 fps


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