First Look: Sierra Prairie Enemy 50-grain .22-250 Remington

First Look: Sierra Prairie Enemy 50-grain .22-250 Remington

Prairie Enemy 22-250

Devastating terminal performance and excellent ballistics, Sierra's new .22-250 Prairie enemy is ready to send small game to varmint Valhalla.

Long in the tooth, the .22-250 Remington still has the stuff to amaze. Find that farfetched? What other small-bore centerfire round is more flexible in its loadings? Or is practicable, with the right bullet, for a greater array of small and medium game? Or is as sweet a shooter? Few and is the reason why going on 100 years the one-time wildcat still captures shooters’ imaginations.

Interest piqued? Good, because Sierra has cooked up what looks to be an excellent option for your next varmint expedition in the caliber. The ammo maker's Prairie Enemy line now includes a 50-grain .22-250 Remington load, tailored to send small game to varmint Valhalla at the longest of distances. Throwing a 50-grain BlitzKing bullet out at 3,800 fps at the muzzle, the load is the third fastest of the Prairie enemy line and should produce the flat trajectories of which the caliber is renown. Additionally, with a sleek .259 ballistic coefficient (BC) the projectile should also minimize wind drift and maintain velocity better than many bullets in its class.

On-Target Ammunition Information:

This performance in hunting ammo is mainly due to BlitzKing mimicking Sierra’s legendary MatchKing bullets, which have earned more than one competition title in their time. Differentiating the two projectiles is essentially their construction, with the BlitzKing designed to deliver devastating terminal performance. The polymer-tip boat-tail offers fast, nearly explosive expansion that puts down small game quickly and with authority.

In addition to the 50-grain .22-250 offering, the Prairie Enemy line also has loads for several other popular small game calibers including .204 Ruger (36 grain, 3,840 fps, BC .255), .224 Valkyrie (69 grain, 3,125 fps, BC .370), .243 Win. (70 grain, 3,450 fps, BC .299) and two .223 Rem options in 55 grain (3,215 fps, BC .271) and 69 grain. The .22-250 Prairie Enemy ammo ring up at $25.99 per box of 20.

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