Firing Line Video: Black Hills Ammunition’s HoneyBadger


Tipped with a specially designed solid copper bullet by Lehigh Defense, Black Hills Ammunition's HoneyBadger provides an excellent-performing self-defense round.

The honey badger don’t care! Especially if it’s the new self-defense round by Black Hills Ammunition. Designed to produce superior velocities and overcome layers of clothing to produce devastating wound channels, the HoneyBadger has everything shooters look for in a reliable defensive round.

What makes the round so potent is that it’s tipped with a specially designed solid copper bullet from Lehigh Defense. Wait a tick, monometal bullets for self-defense? Might as well shoot full metal jacket, right? Not quite. Plenty of engineering has gone into Lehigh’s monometal wonders, which helps them outperform hollow points while avoiding the dangers of overpenetration.

The bullet’s machined flutes dump a majority of the projectile’s energy at the front end of its entry into a target, producing massive wound channels. This feature also brings it to a controlled stop well within the FBI’s 12-18 inches of penetration standard. Its hard, front cutting edges ensure it slices through barriers that often plug hollow points, giving it consistent performance. And, the bullet retains all its weight upon entering a target, creating a longer, more devastating wound channel.


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