Federal’s 30 Super Carry Now Available For Both Training And Defense

Federal’s 30 Super Carry Now Available For Both Training And Defense

Federal has announced that 30 Super Carry is now available in both their American Eagle and HST ammunition lines, making it ready for both training and defense.

Federal Ammunition officially unveiled their new cartridge, 30 Super Carry, at SHOT Show 2022. Many walked away impressed, but others had their doubts about its viability given that the defensive handgun market has seemingly already crowned 9mm as king of the jungle. Regardless, only time will tell if 30 Super Carry can make the cut or if it will go the way of .45 GAP and .357 SIG. Since Federal has just announced the addition of 30 SC to both their American Eagle and HST ammunition lines, shooters will finally be able to start testing this new cartridge the way it deserves.

30 Super Carry feature

For Training

A defensive handgun is useless without the ability to train with it, so relatively affordable ammunition is a must for any cartridge intended for such a role. With Federal’s announcement that 30 Super Carry will soon be available in their American Eagle line, this new cartridge will suddenly become a more viable option. American Eagle 30 SC will feature 100-grain, full metal jacket projectiles that have an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,250 feet per second. They will be available in boxes of 50 with an MSRP of $31.99, giving the bullets a cost of about 64 cents per round.

30 SC American Eagle

For Defense

Federal’s HST line has become one of the standard defensive loads in the handgun world, so it was no surprise when 30 Super Carry was added to the list of available calibers. This variety of 30 SC will also feature 100-grain projectiles with an advertised muzzle velocity of 1,250 fps, but naturally will be loaded with HST jacketed hollow points instead of FMJs. 30 Super Carry HSTs are available in 20-round boxes with an MSRP of $36.99, giving each round a price tag of about $1.85.


For more on 30 Super Carry, please visit federalpremium.com.

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