Video: Transporting Firearms with Nanuk Protective Cases


Nanuk Protective Cases are more than just gun cases. They're the peace of mind that firearms will remain in tip-top shape and corrosion free, no matter where they're transported.

It's easy to strip off greenbacks for new guns, ammo and the latest must-have shooting accessory. What often gets overlooked is firearms storage and transportation gear. But as any serious shooter will tell you, these are as important to have in your arsenal as a tricked out AR-15 or the sharpest new red-dot optic. After all, you spent your hard-earned cash on your dream pistol, rifle or shotgun, you'd better protect it.

At the recent 2017 NRA Meetings and Exhibits in Atlanta, Gun Digest editor Luke Hartle was able to check out an incredible option for keeping firearms safe and sound for long-term storage or heading to the range or into the field. As the above video shows, Nanuk Protective Cases are engineered to keep guns — no matter their size and shape — in tip-top condition, on the road or in the home.

Drawing on years of experience crafting protective cases for sensitive technical equipment, Nanuk offers hard gun cases in 22 sizes, designed to stow and protect any conceivable firearm. In addition to being shock proof, the extreme-duty cases are fully water resistant (IP67 rated), ensuring your firearms are always functional and corrosion free.

As Nanuk's David Vigor explains, there is an even more intriguing aspect to Nanuk Cases — their flexibility. Shooters can choose from a nearly endless array of preformed interior configurations, keeping pistols and long guns and their magazines in perfect order. There is even a pick-and-pluck foam option, which allows you to tailor the exact dimensions of the retention material to your firearms and needs.

Find out more about Nanuk Protective Cases and innovative ways to keep your guns in excellent order in the above video. And get more great gun reviews and shooting tips at Gun Digest's YouTube channel.

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