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Uncle Mike’s New Long Gun Cases And Range Bag

Uncle Mike’s has just released a new series of long gun cases and a handgun-specific range bag, both are affordably priced and available now.

Long Gun Case Options

Uncle Mike’s products are known for being some of the most affordable yet functional firearms accessories on the market. When simple will suit your needs, Uncle Mike’s stuff will probably get the job done for a good price. They already had some cases and bags for sale, but they’ve recently updated their catalog with a new family of long gun cases as well as a pistol-oriented range bag.

The new padded long gun cases are available for either shotguns or scoped rifles, come in black or forest green, and come in multiple sizes. The zippers run the entire length of the case to allow for them to be opened flat, and the interior lining is designed to be snag-free and protective. Simple and robust, these cases look ideal for hunters who just need to get their guns into the field scratch-free. The MSRP for all Uncle Mike’s Padded Long Gun Cases is $19.95.

The new Sportsmen’s Range Bag is designed specifically for handgunners to conveniently transport two pistols and their accouterments to and from the shooting range. Its main compartment has two removable dividers and two padded pistol rugs, and the zippers can be locked shut. It can be carried by either the removable shoulder strap or the attached nylon handles. The Uncle Mike’s range bag is only available in black and has an MSRP of $30.95.

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