First Look: RMT Nomad Trigger For AR-15s

First Look: RMT Nomad Trigger For AR-15s

RMT has just introduced an innovative new concept with the Nomad trigger for AR-15s, engineered to freely adjust to the shooter’s position.

It’s not every day that a new AR-15 trigger does something to really stand out. Most new models simply compete to see which can have the lightest break, smoothest pull or shortest reset. All are areas of improvement that can be appreciated when compared to mil-spec triggers, but in the end, they all essentially function the same way. The new RMT Nomad trigger, however, is based on a truly novel and innovative concept.

RMT Nomad feature

The heart of the RMT Nomad trigger concept is its ability to freely adjust to the shooter’s finger position and grip. Whether you’re shooting at an awkward angle or just grasped the pistol grip in a suboptimal way, the Nomad trigger will follow whatever pull vector that your finger provides. It accomplishes this by allowing 6-degrees of rotation and pivot in its design, letting the trigger naturally position on the shooter’s finger throughout the firing process. The benefit of this is that when shooting in dynamic environments, whether on the range or in the field, the Nomad trigger can provide greater consistency and stability in a variety of shooting positions.

If one were to attempt to pull a standard trigger at an angle, there’s a high chance that the force would twist the rifle in the process and negatively impact accuracy. Attempting the same with the Nomad, however, one would find that their weapon stays far more stable regardless of how they actuate the trigger.

Nomad Trigger pivot

Besides the innovative pivoting feature, the RMT Nomad trigger also has the qualities of more standard drop-in AR triggers. Namely, the Nomad features a smooth pull that breaks at three pounds and has a very short reset. These improvements not only aid in increasing accuracy but help to increase one’s rate of fire as well. The trigger is not adjustable, and three pounds may be a bit heavier than some competition-shooters may prefer, but because RMT views the Nomad as having potential for defensive and tactical use as well, the slightly heavier weight makes more sense for the sake of safety.

RMT Nomad bottom

The RMT Nomad trigger is drop-in style and extremely easy to install. It has an MSRP of $279 and will begin shipping at the end of January 2022.

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