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Open Carry Gaining Ground In California

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In July, participants in a community clean-up effort also exercised their Second Amendment rights.

As the Los Angeles Times reported, “More than a dozen people packing pistols on their hips strolled down the Hermosa Beach strand…picking up garbage and distributing fliers about the rights of gun owners. The event was part of a burgeoning and controversial ‘open carry’ movement nationwide promoting the right to carry guns in public.”

Open carry is legal in California, as long as the firearms are unloaded, though open carriers may legally have ammunition with them, too.

“Members of South Bay Open Carry, which organized the beach cleanup, said they hope such events will dispel misgivings about gun owners and make carrying a handgun in public more acceptable,” the Times noted. “Organizers said they turned the event into a cleanup to demonstrate that they are contributing to the community.”

“Just because somebody is carrying a gun doesn't mean that they're a criminal,” said Scott Brownlie, a 25-year-old firefighter. “If a lot of people were allowed to carry more … there would be a lot less crime.”

Gun controllers have claimed that open carry makes the public feel threatened. Yet, as this California event, “Most people walked by the group without a second glance. A police spokesman said the department received no complaints about the event.”

SOURCE: Los Angeles Times 7/11/10

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