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Market Trends: Handgun Sales Hot for South Carolina Retailer

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Wade Adams — Blade, Barrel and Reel Outdoors, Georgetown, S.C.

The big seller recently at Blade, Barrel and Reel Outdoors, said owner Wade Adams, has been handguns from SCCY Industries of Daytona Beach, Fla., manufacturer of the CPX1 and CPX2 9mm semi-automatic pistols designed for concealed carry.

“We’ve sold just a ton of them,” he said. “Part of that is the price—they only have just the two models and we sell them for $310 and $325. Despite that lower price point, they are a really good-quality handgun and have an amazing life-time warranty.”

Another popular handgun line here is the small bore Rough Rider, from Heritage Manufacturing, a series of revolvers with that Old West look and feel to them. Chambered in .22 LR and .22 Mag., the revolvers start at $175.

Turkey Guns
Turkey season had locals buying shotguns, but not necessarily turkey-specific models. Benelli, Browning A-5 and various Tri-Star models were selling, Adams noted, almost all of them in 12 gauge. Since most of the buyers were also leaving the store with a box or two of turkey shotshells, he figured they will see some field action this spring.

Black Rifles

Adams has also noticed a nice bump in AR-15 sales, which had been down for the longest time, with entry-level models by Del-Ton moving nicely.

“I think they’ve been on a lot of peoples’ wish lists for a while now. And with tax refunds coming in, and lower prices on a number of rifles, guys are deciding now is the time to buy.”

Comfort Carry

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