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Guns-In-Church Case Lands in Federal Court

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State and Upson County officials had the case moved to the U.S. District Court in Macon on Friday. The case garnered national news coverage when it was first filed a month ago in Upson County Superior Court by the Rev. Jonathan Wilkins of the Baptist Tabernacle of Thomaston, which is partnering with Inc. on the lawsuit. Wilkins said he has a constitutional right to be armed in church, which is now prohibited under state law.

The case was filed shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court clarified an individual’s right to bear arms. Wilkins’ attorney, John R. Monroe of Roswell, said the case depends more on Wilkins’ First Amendment right to freely worship than his Second Amendment right to bear arms.

“It’s difficult to imagine how a law that permits a certain behavior throughout the state but prohibits it in church would stand constitutional muster,” Monroe said. Read more


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