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Sotomayor: NRA’s Past President Strikes Again

Last week Gun Owners of America reported that NRA's Past President Sandy Froman was calling on all NRA members to vigorously oppose the nomination of Judge Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

She did this in response to the “wait and see” approach that the NRA's upper management  has taken in regard to the Sotomayor nomination — an approach that may well allow her to wiggle through and be confirmed.

Yesterday, Sandy Froman struck again. But this time she was joined
with another past president of the NRA and several current Board
members, as well.

“Judge Sotomayor's record on the Second Amendment causes us grave
concern over her treatment of this enumerated right [to keep and
bear arms],” the coalition stated.

“As Second Amendment leaders deeply concerned about preserving all
fundamental rights for current and future generations of Americans,
we strongly oppose this nominee, and urge the Senate not to confirm
Judge Sotomayor.”

In related news, the NRA sent a letter yesterday to the Senate
Judiciary committee expressing “very serious concerns” over the
Sotomayor nomination, but said that the leadership “has not
announced an official position” out of respect for the confirmation
process. The letter indicated the NRA's management would be
watching the upcoming hearings very carefully.

One of the concerns about the hearing process, however, is that
Sotomayor will act exactly the same way Obama has. You will remember
that Obama tried to play himself off as a supporter of gun rights
during the presidential campaign, but then once he took office, began
showing his true colors.

Obama has nominated far-left gun banners to key positions of power —
including Attorney General Eric Holder, State Department counsel
Harold Koh and Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

It's not uncommon to see politicians tout the Bill of Rights when
trying to get elected or confirmed, but then act like a modern day
Benedict Arnold once they are safely entrenched.

If Judge Sotomayor is anything like the man who nominated her, she
will tell Senators what they want to hear during the Senate
proceedings, but then stab us in the back once she has secured a
lifetime appointment to the bench.

Folks, this is a huge battle. And that's why it's important to
have every single gun organization firing all of its political
ammunition. This is a battle that we can win. So even though we
already asked you to contact the NRA's management last week, it is
imperative that they hear from you again.

ACTION: Please urge the NRA's upper management to tell Senators
that a vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor is an anti-gun vote. You
can use the text message below — addressed to NRA Executive Vice
President Wayne LaPierre and NRA Executive Director Chris Cox —
to help direct your comments to the NRA.


Phone (800) 392-8683

—– Pre-written comments —–

Dear Mr. LaPierre and Mr. Cox:

I was so excited to see that past NRA President Sandy Froman — in
coalition with several other past and present NRA leaders — came
out in opposition the nomination of Judge Sotomayor.

In a letter dated July 7, the coalition stated that “we strongly
oppose this nominee, and urge the Senate not to confirm Judge

This is Froman's second communication in this regard, as she stepped
up to the plate on June 24 with a call to arms for all NRA members
to vigorously oppose the Sotomayor nomination.

“Gun owners, and especially the members of the National Rifle
Association,” Froman said, “must aggressively oppose Judge
Sotomayor's confirmation to the Supreme Court.”

I couldn't agree more with Mrs. Froman.

I hope that the NRA will officially tell Senators now — and not wait
until after the hearings — that a vote to confirm Judge Sotomayor
is an anti-gun vote. Please let me know what you intend to do.

Thank you.



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