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Gun Lobby Believes it Can Gain More Ground for Owners

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That's the choice that Van Cleave, the leader of the pro-gun Virginia Citizens Defense League, wants to offer state lawmakers next year when the General Assembly reconvenes.

He said he is going to find a legislator to submit two bills to the body representing both positions.

His aim is to force lawmakers to expand the rights of concealed-handgun owners in bars or rescind the current exception that allows law-enforcement officers and commonwealth's attorneys to carry concealed weapons and consume alcohol.

“We're not allowed to drink, but they can,” Van Cleave said. “That's two classes of citizens.”

The proposal comes just days after Gov. Bob McDonnell, a Republican, signed into law a bill repealing the state's long-standing ban on holders of concealed-weapons permits carrying hidden guns into restaurants that serve alcohol. Permit holders will be allowed to enter with a firearm as long as they do not drink alcohol. Read more

Source: Richmond-Times Dispatch

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