Glock 19 receiver with a Lone Wolf Carry Package Trigger Kit
AFTER: The Glock 19 receiver with a Lone Wolf Carry Package Trigger Kit installed.

The fourth upgrade—adding a Lone Wolf Carry Package Trigger Kit—would provide a heavier, revolver-like feel to the trigger, smoothing out the overall stroke and providing an additional measure of safety to protect against an accidental discharge. Lone Wolf’s Carry Package Trigger Kit is simply the combination of an 8-pound trigger spring (the “New York 1” or NY1) coupled with a 3.5-pound connector. Cost: $17.50 from Lone Wolf Distributors

With a total of $197.45 in upgrades (not counting tax or shipping), a working but very tired looking Gen2 Glock 19 became a good-looking custom carry gun that looks practically new and provides even greater functionality. My friend is happy with the changes—he even said they’re “perfect.”

Beyond the $200 Threshold: DC Holster

Glock 19 DC Holster and Clipdraw
AFTER: Now a “custom carry gun” the Glock 19 rides comfortably in a DC Holster. Note the installed Clipdraw.

For those who prefer to holster their weapon in an actual holster that covers the trigger, consider a holster made by Greg Purcell of DC Holsters. A locksmith by trade who carries a concealed pistol, Greg found that the constant bending and moving that his work required made carrying pistol downright uncomfortable and unworkable. As such, Greg decided to design his own tuckable holster out of Kydex and leather. Word spread and a secondary business was born.

I tried the DC holster using my friend’s Glock 19 and found it to be one of the most comfortable I’ve ever worn. The best spot for it on me was at the four o’clock position. The Glock slid in easily and snapped in securely, the molded Kydex taking a firm hold on the Glock’s trigger guard. The leather helped distribute the weight across an area greater than just the point at which the belt clip attaches to my belt, adding to the comfort. Regardless of the temperature or setting, the leather never felt hot, never caused me to sweat, and generally held the Glock 19 in place very well. I could even carry the Glock 19 with the Clipdraw installed.

I did have to warm up and reform the Kydex that was directly over the front sight as it was rubbing against the sight when unholstering the Glock. This procedure took about 30 seconds with an automatic lighter and a metal rod to re-form the heated Kydex. Other than that minor fix and breaking the $200 threshold, the DC Holster was a perfect match for the Glock 19.

Cost: $65.50 shipped

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  1. FWIW I believe the clipdraw is a horrendous idea on its own. Most would agree that for a gun to be useful it should be loaded, and the primary purpose of a good holster is to protect the trigger. The Clipdraw concept attempts to legitimize “Mexican” carry, and does so in a pretty unfortunate way. The “Saf-T-Blok” is a poor choice too, since disengaging it requires putting one’s finger in the trigger guard. In my opinion, the only way to safely AND effectively use something like the clipdraw would be along with a trigger guard like Raven Concealment’s VanGuard holster.