The Sig-Sauer M400 M4 AR15.
The Sig-Sauer M400 M4 AR15.


The big rifle news at SIG ( is not what one would expect.  The SIG M400 is an M4 carbine-of direct gas impingement design.

This model has been introduced in light of the existing SIG516 Patrol Rifle, an M4 model of piston design and the piston driven SIG551-A1, long the bread and butter of the SIG assault rifle line.

The M400 is pure military style AR, with a standard M4 collapsible stock, round carbine handguards, and removable carry handle. It was developed to meet demands from police administrator’s who favored the SIG516 but wanted all parts to be standard MIL-SPEC GI for ease of service. There are no MIL-SPEC standards for piston driven AR’s. So SIG came up with a GI upper to mate to their 516 lower and the M400 was born.  I will be testing the M400 for a future article for Tactical Gear magazine.  MSRP is $1099.

Windham Weaponry

The Windham Weaponry AR-15.
The Windham Weaponry AR-15.

When the new corporate owners of Bushmaster chose to move the Bushmaster factory from its original Windham, Maine, you had to know that not everyone would be willing to relocate.  In fact at least 24 stayed behind, and the original Bushmaster founder Richard Dykes started a new company in the old location, calling it Windham Weaponry (  At the time of this writing, Windham had just gotten officially up and running, so I wasn’t able to test one of their products personally.

But, you have to know that with that kind of history and former talent pool, a pool of people who want to make their newly formed locally owned company succeed, that their American-made product will be very well made-first rate I am sure.  At this time, Windham is offering a variety of parts and accessories, complete uppers and lowers, or complete rifles.

As far their current lineup goes, Windham’s line isn’t extensive yet with three M4 type carbines being offered. The three basic models are the R16A4T, a basic heavy barrel model with standard round handguards, and removable carry handle, the R16M4A4T which is a civilianized copy of the basic military M4 with a stepped barrel, and the R16M4FTT which is a flattop step-barrel model sans front sight tower, but with a railed gas block for mounting backup irons.  The MSRP of any of the three is right around $1000 and Windham is offering a limited lifetime warranty that transfers to subsequent owners.

That is hard to beat. Take a close look at this “new” company. I certainly will.

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