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I just finished the annual firearms inventory at Casa de la Michalowski and the results are disturbing. I have more guns than I need, but fewer than I want. It is this kind of imbalance that can cause panic buying, impulse shopping and generally upset the delicate monetary balance required to pay all the bills, buy all the ammo and enjoy time at the range. Something must be done.

On another note, recent scenario-based training at the Sheriff's Department left me on both sides of what our firearms instructor called a $h&t sandwich. First, as a bad guy, I got to hide inside a shed that none on the team thought to clear as they moved to assist a “downed officer.” From my stealthy hide I was able to put three Force-on-Force rounds into the back of the incident commander before he realized things had gone south. Thus was his pain penalty for failing to look inside a door.

Minutes later I was the IC on a “hostage” situation that went from bad to worse. As the aggressor released her hostage the victim appeared to follow my commands as I directed him to me and my safe cover. Without provocation he produced a pistol and started throwing shots my way. I was caught alongside a wall with no cover between me and the shooter, all I could do was get small and keep firing.

There is nothing better than SBT and painful pellets to remind you how quickly things can happen. If you get the chance to participate, even if you have to pay for it, get involved in some force-on-force training.

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