Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2011

The Gun Digest – 2011

Table of Contents
John T. Amber Literary Award 3
Introduction 4
TR's “Big (Fire) Stick” by Tom Caceci 8
The Innovative Winchester Model 59 by Bernard H. DiGiacobbe, M.D. 14
The French Service Revolver Models of 1873 and 1874 by Raymond Caranta 18
The N-Frame S&W Revolver by Paul Scarlata 22
The Mighty (?) 9mm Rimfire by Phillip Peterson 28
Smith & Wessons of the Great War by Tom Osborne 32
The Mossberg Brownie (1919-1932) by Jack A. Myers 40
The Ars of Olympic Arms by Steve Gash 44
On the Trail of “Small Deer” with Allyn Tedmon by Clarence Anderson 50
Custom and Engraved Guns by Tom Turpin 56
The “Other” Autoloaders by Nick Hahn 66
Unusual Remington Military Rolling Block Rifles by George J. Layman 70
The Bull Dog Pack: Variations of the Breed by Gordon Bruce 76
Life Begins at .40 by Dr. George E. Dvorchak, Jr. 86
A Robert Hillberg Cornucopia by Robert Hillberg 91
Resurrection of the .500 Jeffery by Tom Tabor 98
The Old & Newer Winchester Model 88 Rifle & Carbine by Bernard H. DiGiacobbe, M.D. and George E. Dvorchak, Jr. M.D. 103
The Colt 1911: The First Century by John Malloy 108
The .38 S&W: The Little Round That Refuses to Die by David J. LaPell 118
The West and the Gun by Jim Foral 122
Light Cartridges for Deer by L. P. Brezny 129
All About the .45 Auto Rim by Robert H. Campbell 134
The Return of the Krieghoff Luger by Jim Dickson 140
Rifle Sights of Iron and Their Management by Sam Fadala 146
Military Rifle Accuracy: A Comparison by John T. Butters 150
The Top 20 Cartridges by Wayne Van Zwoll 156
An Inside Look at an American Classic: Speer Bullets by Steve Gash 166
The Smallest Revolvers by Jeff Quinn 170
Buying Bullet Alloy on the Internet by Kenneth L. Walters 173
The “Other 1911” – The Winchester 1911 Shotgun by John Malloy 178
Reports From The Field:
Revolvers and Others by Jeff Quinn 180
Rifles by Tom Tabor 192
Semi Auto Pistols by John Malloy 202
Guns and Gear for Women by Gila Hayes 216
Muzzleloaders by Wm. Hovey Smith 224
Optics by Wayne Van Zwoll 232
Shotguns by John Haviland 246
Airguns by Tom Caceci 256
Editor's Picks by Dan Shideler 266
Gunsmithing Products by Kevin Muramatsu 270
Handloading by Larry Sterett 274
Ammunition, Ballistics and Components by Holt Bodinson 284
One Good Gun
Pappy's Squirrel Gun by Steve Gash 292
My Nine Lives Mauser 98 by Andy Ewert 297
My Sporterized Mauser – At Last by Harvey T. Pennington 300
Only One by Andy Ewert 307
Marlin's 1894-CL Classic by John W. Rockefeller 312
The Mossberg 146B by Eric Matherne 316
The New S&W Shotguns by Dr. George E. Dvorchak, Jr. 318
The 4″-Barrel .45 Colt Ruger Redhawk Revolver by Jim Dickson 322
The Model 392 Benjamin/Crosman Air Rifle by Chris Libby 328
Pocket Parabellum: The 9mm Kel-Tec PF-9 Pistol by Jim Dickson 332
.22 LR Ammunition: CCI Standard Velocity by Mike Thomas 336
The Lyman Plains Pistol by Chris Libby 342
Ballistics Tables
Average Centerfire Rifle Cartridge Ballistics & Prices 348
Centerfire Handgun Cartridge Ballistics & Prices 355
Rimfire Ammunition Ballistics & Prices 358
Shotshell Loads & Prices 359
Catalog of Arms and Accessories Contents 361
Autoloading 362
Competition 387
Double Action Revolvers 390
Single Action Revolvers 398
Miscellaneous 404
Centerfire – Autoloaders 405
Centerfire – Lever & Slide 414
Centerfire – Bolt Action 419
Centerfire – Single Shot 434
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles 440
Rimfire – Autoloaders 442
Rimfire – Lever & Slide Action 445
Rimfire – Bolt Actions & Single Shots 446
Competition – Centerfire & Rimfire 450
Autoloaders 454
Slide & Lever Actions 460
Over/Unders 464
Side-by-Side 471
Bolt Actions & Single Shot 474
Military & Police 476
Single Shot Pistols – Flint & Percussion 478
Revolvers 479
Muskets & Rifles 481
Shotguns 489
Handguns 490
Long Guns 492
Web Directory 497
Arms Library 511
Directory of the Arms Trade
Manufacturer's Directory 541
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