Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1997

The Gun Digest – 1997

 Table of Contents
A Half-Breed Colt by Howard McCord 5
The Anatomy of a Scope by Bob Bell 9
How the Brits Culled the Rooks by Jack Bartlett 17
Shotgun History: Streamlining the Autoloader by Don Zutz 20
The Browning Automatic Rifle: The Gun That Changed the Infantry by Konrad F. Schreier, Jr. 24
There Are No Non-Lethal Bullets: Very Few Pay Attention to the “P” Factor by Marshall R. Williams 30
Leather Quick, Leather Deadly by Jerry Burke 33
Shooting a Newton by John Haviland 39
A Mauser '98 Will Make a . . . 416 Rigby Two-Shooter by Ray Ordorica 42
The Gun – an Excerpt From a Book by Charles Fergus 50
Romance of the Mannlicher-Schoenauer by Sam Fadala 56
Cartridges for the Mannlicher-Schoenauer by Don L. Henry 62
Game Field Distances by Col. Charles Askins 65
Not Always Walnut by David A. Webb 68
The Long Shooters of Pewee Valley by Jim Foral 76
The Rebore Still Works by Norman E. Johnson 91
A Maynard Talks by Michael Petrov 97
When a Rifle Blows by Bob Bell 106
Shooting the 28 by Marshall R. Williams 116
Tenite and the Early Synthetics in the Long Arms Industry by Larry S. Sterett 124
Beretta's 626: a Classic Collectible-To-Be by Nikitas Kypridemos 134
Custom Guns 145
Shooting the Hall Breechloader by Dennis Bruns 161
Art of the Engraver 167
Here's What Happened to the 16-Gauge by Marshall R. Williams 174
Taking the Shot by Francis E. Sell 176
Seven Selected Turkeys of the 20th Century . . . And Why They Were by Jim Thompson 179
The Guns of Jamestown by Edward R. Crews 187
Realism in Air Power by J. I. Galan 193
The CZ-75 and Its Early Clones by Jim Thompson 207
Expert Reports '97 Rifle Review by Lane Simpson 72
Shotgun Review by Don Zutz 88
Blackpowder Review by Doc Carlson 103
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by John Malloy 108
Sixguns and Others by Hal Swiggett 118
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 129
The Guns of Europe: Pre-WWII Pocket Pistols by Raymond Caranta 140
Handloading Update by Larry S. Sterett 170
Ammunition, Ballistics and Components by Holt Bodinson 213
Ballistic Tables 219
One Good Gun
Sometimes It Takes Three Chipmunks by Pat DePasquale 150
Many Good Rifles and One Good Scope by Kenneth Bolin 152
A Second-Choice M29 by Rob Lucas 154
A Special Colt SAA by Bob Arganbright 157
The Surprising Bronco by Lee Arten 158
My Browning Auto 22 Squirrel Gun by Kenneth Bolin 160
The New CZ-75B by Holt Bodison 198
Mitchell's M9109 Riot Gun by M. T. Lumley 200
Beretta's Cougar by J. B. Wood 201
Norinco's Nine by M. T. Lumley 202
Ruger's Workhorse: The 45 P90DC by C. E. Harris 204
Sidebar: A Decocker Primer by James P. Cowgill 206
Shooter's Marketplace 225
Semi-Automatics 263
Competition 293
Double-Action Revolvers 302
Single-Action Revolvers 311
Miscellaneous 316
Rifles – Centerfire
Semi-Automatics 321
Lever & Slide Actions 326
Bolt Actions 331
Single Shots 347
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles 352
Rifles – Rimfire
Semi-Automatics 354
Lever & Slide Actions 357
Bolt Actions & Single Shots 358
Competition Centerfires & Rimfires 363
Semi-Automatics 370
Slide Actions 375
Over/Unders 379
Side-by-Sides 390
Bolt Actions & Single Shots 394
Military & Police 398
Blackpowder Guns
Single Shot Pistols 401
Revolvers 403
Muskets & Rifles 408
Shotguns 424
Handguns 426
Long Guns 433
Warranty Service Center Directory 445
Metallic Sights 457
Chokes & Brakes 460
Scopes & Mounts 461
Scope Mounts 471
Spotting Scopes 475
Periodical Publications 477
Arms Library 479
Arms Associations 499
Directory of the Arms Trade
Product Directory 502
Manufacturers' Directory 517
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