Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1994

The Gun Digest – 1994

 Table of Contents
Hunting Ruffed Grouse by Allan H. Pressley 6
Looking Again at the 22 WMR by C. E. Harris 10
The Most Important Rifle Ever Made by Jim Thompson 14
Tricks and Treats for Your 45 by W. E. Sprague 19
The Stinger Legacy by C. Rodney James 28
M'zee and the Marmota by Rob Lucas 33
Shotguns of the Thirties by Don Zutz 39
Steyr GB: Too Good Too Soon? By Gene Gangarosa, Jr. 44
The Action That Served Two Armies by Wilfrid Ward 50
All About Modern Scope Reticles by Jack V. Slack 60
Getting Down to Earth by Dwain Bland 76
Bolt-Action Shotguns by John Malloy 82
The Rubber Band Gun by Clarence E. Ellis 101
Bringing Back a Classic by Roger Pinckney 110
Reviving Old Reliable by John Ross 114
Custom Guns 118
Art of the Engraver 120
Gun Users & Non-Users in Great Britain by Sidney Du Broff 124
Air Guns on Big Game by J. I. Galan 134
Building an Almost-Serious Rifle by Wilf MacGlais 143
Ross Rudd's Singular Pistol by John Malloy 156
Uncle Jack Krag by John Haviland 161
Pick a 45 for Stopping Power by Ken Warner 176
Make an Accurate 22 Semi-Auto by C. E. Harris 180
Bell on Binoculars by Bob Bell 186
Autoloader Classics by C. Rodney James 193
The Best British Percussion Wheelguns by Jack Bartlett 208
Jack Lewis on Guns, Prices (and) Hype by Ken Warner 214
Expert Reports '94
Rifle Review by Layne Simpson 65
Caseless Cartridges Arrive by Ken Warner 70
Blackpowder Review by Doc Carlson 94
The Guns of Europe by Raymond Caranta 97
Shotgun Review by Don Zutz 106
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 129
Handloading Update by Dean A. Grennell 139
Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others by Hal Swiggett 146
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by J. B. Wood 152
Utility Guns by Larry S. Sterett 177
The High-Tech Steyr SPP by J. I. Galan 164
Shooting the Matchless Matchlock by J. W. Carlson 166
Calico's 100-Shooter by R. B. Albach 169
Oldies But Goodies: Sealed Eights by Hal Swiggett 171
Interarms' 7.6×239 Mini-Mark X as a Scout Rifle by C. E. Harris 173
One-of-a-Kind 22 Magnum Anschutz by Hal Swiggett 174
One Good Gun
A Well-Traveled Friend by Sako by Bill Woodward 198
A Classic Gets to Africa by Roderick S. Carman 201
A Sweeter Sixteen: Finally by Robert Sherwood 203
Sako's 375 Carbine by J. Terry Riebling 206
Just One Ithaca 37 by Bruce D. Woods 207
Ammunition, Ballistics & Components by Edward A. Matunas 216
Ballistic Tables '94 225
Shooter's Marketplace 231
Autoloaders 282
Competition 311
Double-Action Revolvers 318
Single-Action Revolvers 327
Miscellaneous 333
Rifles – Centerfire
Autoloaders 337
Lever & Slide Action 342
Bolt Actions 346
Single Shots 364
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles 368
Rifles – Rimfire
Autoloaders 371
Lever & Slide Action 375
Bolt Actions & Single Shots 376
Competition Centerfires & Rimfires 382
Shotguns of the Thirties by Don Zutz
Autoloaders 389
Slide Actions 394
Over/Unders 399
Side-by-Sides 409
Bolt Actions & Single Shots 414
Military & Police 417
Blackpowder Guns
Single Shot Pistols 420
Revolvers 424
Muskets & Rifles 427
Shotguns 440
Air Guns
Handguns 442
Long Guns 448
Warranty Service Center Directory 460
Metallic Sights 472
Chokes and Brakes 475
Scopes and Mounts 476
Spotting Scopes 489
Periodical Publications 491
Arms Library 493
Arms Associations 511
Directory of the Arms Trade
Production Directory 514
Manufacturer's Directory 528
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