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Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1993

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The Gun Digest – 1993

 Table of Contents
A Modest Proposal by Ken Warner 6
A Fotgotten Rifle by John Wallace 8
About the 22 Short by C. E. Harris 16
Again the Trebuchet by Wilfrid Ward 20
More Than An Ace Up His Sleeve . . . By Stanley C. Crist 26
The 30 Carbine by David L. Ward 28
The Gallinaceous Grade IV by Rob Lucas 33
Collecting Hopkins and Allen Guns by Donald R. France 36
Modern Silenced 22s by Al Paulson 46
How Good Are Factory Rifles? By Sam Fadala 60
Blackpowder and Lead Bullets: Where the Sharps Shines by Dennis Bruns 65
Blowback Nines by John Malloy 70
Arms and the Man by C. Rodney James 90
The Small Arms Master Plan by Stanley C. Crist 102
The Plight of the French Rifleman by Patrick Constantin 116
Terry MacFarlane's Souvenir of World War II by Ken Warner 122
Hunting the Old Ones by Dwain Bland 129
The Quiet Rifle by C. Rodney James 138
Custom Guns 150
Art of the Engraver 151
Collecting Holsters by Bob Arganbright 164
Choke Explained (Once Again) by Don Zutz 174
Colt's 455 Model 1911: The First Variation by John Malloy 182
Traditional Affordable Air Guns by J. I. Galan 190
A Double Gun Odyssey by Allan H. Pressley 193
Under My Thumb by Lee H. Arten 208
Expert Reports '93
Shotgun Review by Don Zutz 56
The Guns of Europe by Raymond Caranta 86
Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others by Hal Swiggett 111
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 124
Handloading Update by Dean A. Grennell 134
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by J. B. Wood 146
Rifle Review by Layne Simpson 153
Blackpowder Review by Doc Carlson 161
Utility Guns by Larry S Sterett 178
Grendel's P-30 ww WMR Pistol by J. I. Galan 198
Tar-Hunt's Benchrest Shotgun by Larry S. Sterett 199
Interarm's Mini-Mauser in 7.62×39 by C. E. Harris 200
Ruger's High-Tech 7.62×39 Bolt Gun by Nick Croyle 202
ATIS PM2 Polic Pump by Larry S. Sterett 203
Daisy's Power Line 44 by Ladd Fanta 205
Shooting China's New Gang of Four by C. E. Harris 206
One Good Gun
A S&W 1917 Surviving in Nicaragua by Carlos Schmidt 209
A Special Single-Action Colt by Dick Love 212
My “Fake” Double Rifle by Clayton T. Williams 213
Ammunition, Ballistics & Components by Edward A. Matunas 214
Ballistic Tables '93 220
Shooter's Marketplace 225
Autoloaders 273
Competition 300
Double-Action Revolvers 309
Single-Action Revolvers 318
Miscellaneous 323
Rifles – Centerfire
Autoloaders 327
Lever & Slide Action 332
Bolt Actions 337
Single Shots 353
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles 357
Rifles – Rimfire
Autoloaders 360
Lever & Slide Action 364
Bolt Actions & Single Shots 365
Competition Centerfires & Rimfires 370
Autoloaders 378
Slide Actions 382
Over/Unders 386
Side-by-Sides 395
Bolt Actions & Single Shots 400
Military & Polico 403
Blackpowder Guns
Single Shot Pistols 405
Revolvers 409
Muskets & Rifles 412
Shotguns 424
Air Guns
Handguns 425
Long Guns 430
Paint Ball 443
Warranty Service Center Directory 445
Metallic Sights 457
Chokes and Brakes 460
Scopes and Mounts 461
Spotting Scopes 473
Periodical Publications 475
Arms Library 477
Arms Associations 495
Directory of the Arms Trade
Product Directory 498
Manuacturer's Directory 512
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