Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1990

The Gun Digest – 1990

 Table of Contents
The Guns Of Royland Southgate by Rick Hacker 6
The Mateba Affair . . . By Raymond Caranta 12
The Big Bang by Bob Bell 17
The Iron Mistress by Dave Cumberland 26
A Trusty Pair for Africa by Peter Barrett 28
The Truth About Derringers by Holt Bodinson 33
Antelope Autumn by Donald Hamilton 38
The Englishman And The Revolver by Wilfrid Ward 43
Would A Soft Bed Suit Your Favorite Rifle? By Doc Carlson 52
Custom Guns 54
My Old Man Was A Pistol by Charles Askins Jr. 58
The Guns Of Sporting Clays by Don Zutz 65
Rifle Review by Layne Simpson 71
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 78
The Newest Walther by Donald M. Simmons 87
The Ring Around Your Pattern by Don Zutz 92
The Ultimate Assault Rifle by Eric R. Strahl 97
The School Of Shotguns by R. J. Robel 100
Engraving: A Simple Guide by Brett Irby 104
The Art Of The Engraver 110
The Collectible Winchester 42 by William S. Snyder 114
Colt's 1909 Military Revolver by John Malloy 122
The Myth Of The Perfect Whitetail Rifle by John V. Miller Jr. 129
Handguns Today: Sixguns And Others by Hal Swiggett 135
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by J. B. Wood 142
Security Guns by Clay Harvey 147
Ultimate Coincidence by Wilfrid Ward 150
Elmer Keith's Ball And Shotgun by Howard E. French 154
Experiences With A Hornet by Paul A. Matthews 161
Blackpowder Review by Doc Carlson 166
The Guns of Europe by Raymond Caranta 170
Shotgun Review by Larry S. Sterett 176
Shoot Better With Multi-Dots by Earl E. Etter, Sr. 182
Shoot A Rifleman's Mixed Bag In Mongolia by Clarence E. Ellis 185
The Takedown Rifle by Sam Fadala 193
The Knight MK-85 Muzzleloader by Doc Carlson 197
The Contender Carbine by Hal Swiggett 199
Mossberg's Big Pump Gun by Larry Sterett 201
Hatfield's Uplander Breechloader by Sam Fadala 203
The 9mm Pit Bull by Hal Swiggett 204
The M19-A BB-Submachine Gun by Eric R. Strahl 206
Crosman Model 357-8 GT by Ladd Fanta 207
Feather Industries' 180 Rifle by Larry Sterett 209
One Good Gun: My Gorgeous Swede by Sidney Du Broff 211
Handloading Update by Dean A. Grennell 212
Ammunition, Ballistics and Components by Edward A. Matunas 217
One Good Gun: Second Chance Colt by Charlie Smith 225
Ammunition Tables 228
Shooter's Marketplace 232
Handguns – U.S. and Imported 257
Rifles – U.S. and Imported 305
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported 360
Blackpowder Guns 391
Air Guns 410
Metallic Sights 429
Chokes and Brakes 433
Scopes and Mounts 434
Spotting Scopes 444
Periodical Publications 446
Arms Library 448
Arms Associations 467
Directory of the Arms Trade 469
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