Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1983

The Gun Digest – 1983

 Table of Contents
Six Working Guns by Robert K. Sherwood 6
How Choke Works by Arvid B. Pedersen 12
Make That Big Trip Now by Stuart Williams 18
The Holes In Stopping Power Theory by Leon Day 24
Crumpler! By Jeff Cooper 29
GUN DIGEST Discussion No. 2: The Shape of Stocks by Norm Nelson 34
GUN DIGEST Discussion No. 2: The Shape of Stocks by Dave Petzal 35
Elko Arms Double Rifle by John T. Amber 40
Troublesome Cartridges by Edward A. Matunas 46
Computers Look At Accuracy For You by David Leestma 54
Black Powder Review by Rick Hacker 60
The Maligned .410 Bore by Marshall R. Williams 67
Early 22 Auto Pistols by Charles E. Petty 72
Sixty Million Guns by L. R. Wallack 80
How It Was In The Medium Good Old Days by Roy Dunlap 89
Handguns Today: Sixguns and Others by Hal Swiggett 94
Handguns Today: Autoloaders by J. B. Wood 103
Long Guns In Review by Layne Simpson 116
Delightful Doubles by Don Zutz 126
Great Guns and Accessories in full color 129
The Pneumo-Nimrod At Work by J. I. Galan 153
Handloading To Date by Dean A. Grennell 159
A New Slice of Zeiss by Harold A. Murtz 164
The Ultimate Turkey-Shoot Pistol by Ashley Halsey, Jr. 168
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 174
Great Arc of the Wild Sheep Guides by James L. Carkhuff 183
Small Game Takes A Small Bore by Toby Bridges 190
Murata Types 13 and 18 by Charles S. Small 196
The One That Never Was by Tom Turpin 200
The Sauer 38H Story by Donald M. Simmons 204
Sporting Arms of the World by Larry S. Sterett 216
One Magnum That Works by Norman Rowcliff 222
Is An Ounce Of Shot Enough? By Dave Duffey 227
Especially Good Books 232
Testfire: Three Short Shotguns 236
FIE's Super Titan II 238
Short 1100 Magnum 239
The Beeman/Webley Vulcan 240
Mayflower Drawtube Scope 241
Sanftl Schuetzen Rifle 242
Rossi's 62 SAC 243
Interdynamics KG-9 244
Lenard M. Brownell (1922-1982) 245
The Hunter Specials by Lowell Manley 246
Custom Guns 248
Custom Revolvers: A Special Look by Ken Warner 250
Seminars 1981: Remington 252
Seminars 1981: Winchester 253
Seminars 1981: Colt's New Mark V 254
Seminars 1981: Sturm, Ruger, Inc. 256
Art of the Engraver 258
The Shows of Europe: IWA '82 / Hunfishow '82 by Raymond Caranta 260
World Hunting Exposition by Sidney Du Broff 262
O.K. Corral Commemorative Gun by Don Shumar 263
Shooter's Showcase 264
Ammunition, Ballistics, and Components by Edward A. Matunas 266
Ammunition Tables 275
The Complete Compact Catalog 279
Handguns – U.S. and Imported 280
Rifles – U.S. and Imported 317
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported 362
Black Powder Guns 392
Air Guns 411
Chokes and Brakes 427
Metallic Sights 428
Scopes and Mounts 431
Arms Associations 438
Arms Library 440
Directory of the Arms Trade 453
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