Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1976

The Gun Digest – 1976

 Table of Contents
Firearms in Frontier America – The Economic Impact. Part I – 1560 to 1800 by M. L. Brown 6
A Solid Shooting Stance by Valvert Lucius Fox 17
William Goodwin Renwick… one of the world's great arms collectors by James E. Serven 24
Sporting Arms of the Worl by Larry Sterett and the editors 37
The Editor's New Gun by Roger Barlow 52
Buffered Shot Loads – The Ultimate Step by Wallace Labisky 56
The Shooting Editor by Jack O'Connor 67
Testfire Report by Larry S. Sterett 72
The H&R Free Pistol by Ladd Fanta 80
Military Proof Marks by Lee Kennett 85
Presentation Creedmoor Rifle, by A. M. Wynne Jr. 88
Pistols and Revolvers – Domestic and Foreign by George C. Nonte, Jr. 91
Four Wheel Drives – they'll take you where the hunting is by John Lachuk 97
Latest Remington and Winchester Seminars by George C. Nonte, Jr. 106
Reloading Today by John T. Amber and the editors 108
The 6.5×55 – and old Swede by Emil S. Piraino 115
Bluing and Browning Antique Arms by Robert E. Colby 122
Guns – Gadgets – Gimmicks by Clarence Massey 126
Single Shot Rifles and Jugians Variorum by Jack Burres 129
Notes for Handloaders by George C. Nonte, Jr. 132
The 9.3mm Cartridges – all but forgotten by D. C. Cole 139
Smith & Wesson 35 Auto Pistols – a history for collectors by Donald M. Simmons, Jr. 144
The Practical Light Sporter by James R. Ott 154
Profile of an Engraver – Robert D. Swartley by Ronald Swartley 161
Europe in the Rain – France, Italy, Austria and Spain by John T. Amber 164
Pennsylvania Bicentennial Commision Commemorative Longrifle by Don Hartnett 184
The Great 22 Varminters by Bob Hagel 186
The Best of the Military Lugers by Robert A. Burmeister 191
The Lyman Story by Mason Williams 194
Scopes and Mounts by Bob Bell 197
The Pronghorn Rifle by Dan L. Flores 204
Star's PD 45 – a potent small package by George C. Nonte, Jr. 210
The Rottweil Over-Under by Wallace Labisky 214
The Ultimate 250-3000 by Vernon E. Megee 219
The Norma Powders – A Study in Red and Black by Robert Sherwood 224
Hämmerli's Newest and Finest, the Model 150 Free Pistol by George C. Nonte, Jr. 229
Custom Guns and their makers 232
The Plight of the Hornet by Don Lewis 238
Art of the Engraver masters of metalwork 242
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters 245
NDT – Non Destructive Testing by Alfred N. Weiner 251
A New Checkering Cradle by V. P. Kisner 254
Trouble Shooting The Ruger Carbines by J. B. Wood 256
Handgun Stopping Power by Kenneth L. Walters 260
Lighten Those Loads by H. V. Stent 264
John Nelson Cooper – veteran knifemaker by Walter L. Rickell 267
Notes on Knives a sampling of blades 270
Gravermeister by Thomas H. Riker 272
Shooter's Showcase new products reviewed 275
Ammunition Tables 277
Handguns – U.S. and Imported 281
Rifles – U.S. and Imported 307
Shotguns – U.S. and Imported 340
Black Powder Guns 368
Air Guns 384
Chokes & Brakes 397
Metallic Sights 398
Scopes & Mounts 402
Arms Library 409
Periodical Publications 429
Arms Associations in America and Abroad 430
Shooting Publications 434
Directory of the Arms Trade 435
Index 448
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