Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1969

The Gun Digest – 1969

 Table of Contents
A History of French Handguns, Raymond Caranta 4
French Ordnance Revolver, Richard A. Hoffman 18
A Visit to Eibar, Jack O'Connor 23
Red Deer in Yugoslavia 26
Testfire! 1968-1969, Ken Waters and the Technical Staff 33
The Balle Blondeau, Larry Sterett 48
Indian Guns & Gunfighters, Norman B. Wiltsey 52
U.S. Rifles and Shotguns 1968-69, George Nonte and the Technical Staff 60
The Passing of Little Sam, John Madson 69
Gun Proof in Austria-Hungary & Austria, Lee Kennett 70
New Ruger Rifles, John T. Amber 78
Prairie Chicken Comeback, Bert Popowski 83
240 Weatherby Magnum, John Lachuk 88
American Handguns – 1968-1969, Jay Charles and the editors 94
Burn More Powder!, Bob Hutton 101
South Dakota Safari, Geo. C. Nonte, Jr. and J. T. Amber 106
Guessers of the Purple Sage, John Maynard 111
Restoring Old Doubles, W. L. Netherby 116
The Outdoor Corps, Natl. Shooting Spts. Found 127
Captain Samuel H. Walker, James E. Serven 128
Custom Stocking the Big Bores, Nate Bishop 137
Wildcats & Tabbycats, Charles N. Hood, II 140
The Caribou of Alaska, Jack McPhee 147
Champlin & Haskins Rifles, Les Bowman 152
Guns & Gun Dogs, Dave Duffey 157
Air Arms Ammo, Laddie Fanta 161
Foreign Firearms, Bob Steindler and the editors 164
Binoculars for the Hunter, Col. H. J. Samuels 183
The 338 – What Does It Offer?, Bob Hagel 188
Elegant Firearms of the Favored Few, James E. Serven 195
Handloading – 1968-69, Geo. C. Nonte, Jr. and the Technical Staff 205
Auxiliary Cartridges, George A. Hoyem 223
Accuracy of Handguns, Robert A. Burmeister 226
Art of the Engraver, 5 pages of new work 230
Shot Chargers and Ranges for the Wildfowler, Francis E. Sell 235
Three 17s – Interim Report, John T. Amber 238
Bedding Tips for Greater Accuracy, Mike Walker 240
Handloading Philosophy, Don Martin 243
Why Ain't Gun Riters Akurate?, Henry M. Stebbins 248
Custom Guns and their makers 252
38 Special Revolvers – a bevy of imports, Larry S. Sterett 256
Table of Comparative Ballistics, Warren Sperbeck 262
Scopes & Mounts 1968-1969, Bob Bell 264
Shooter's Showcase, new items on display 275
ABC – Metallic Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters 278
Ammunition Tables 287
U.S. Handguns 294
U.S. Rifles 307
U.S. Shotguns 329
Foreign Arms in America 344
Pellet Guns 366
Metallic Sights 376
Scopes & Mounts 380
Chokes & Brakes 387
Arms Associations 389
Arms Library 390
Shooting Publications 401
Periodical Publications 402
Glossary for Gunners 403
Directory of the Arms Trade 405
Index 416
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