Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1967

The Gun Digest – 1967

 Table of Contents
Ruger's Reactionary Rifle, Roger Barlow 4
U.S. Handguns 1966-67, H. Warner 11
Predictions for PSI, Warren Page 16
Guns of Viet Nam, Col. Jim Crossman 19
Rifles for Desert Ghosts, Clyde Ormond 26
Winchester Centennial, Pat Smith 29
Slide-Action Rifles, Frank C. Barnes 33
Madman of Gaylord's Corner, Lucian Cary 39
Thompson Submachine Guns, Ray Bearse 46
Today's Wildcats, Bob Bell 59
Big Deal in New Game, Byron W. Dalrymple 63
Ruger 22 Auto Isometric, James M. Triggs 68
Slugging the Climbers, Alfred J. Goerg 70
Bullet Mould Conditioning, Gene B. Crum 74
Game Field Goofs, Colonel Charles Askins 75
John Browning Legacy, Gough Thomas 79
Mysterious Seven, Robert Sherwood 83
Traps and Targets, L. S. Sterett 87
U.S. Shoulder Arms 1966-67, Jay Charles 97
Handgunners – Here's How!, C. H. Maxwell 105
Handsome Rifles, W. John Farquharson 110
Foreign Firearms Review, R. A. Steindler 119
Arms and Armor, Sixteen 4-color pages 127
Scopes & Mounts 1966-67, Bob Bell 145
8mm Ernst Magnum, Eric Jamieson III 150
Some of 'em Fight Back!, Colonel Charles Askins 152
Guns of the Canadian West, James E. Serven 156
Custom Guns and their makers 162
Deadly Doubles, Elmer Keith 166
Guns at the Crossroads, Joseph B. Stephens 173
Double Action Shooting, Paul B. Weston 174
Remington's 350 Magnum, Bob Hagel 178
They're Not All Bad!, Pete Brown 179
From Out of the North, L. S. Sterett 181
Stainless Steel Revolver, Edward M. Yard 185
Colt Single Actions, James M. Triggs 188
Remington's 150 Years, Ted McCawley, Jr. 201
New Zing! For Old Barrels, Dan Cotterman 205
333 OKH, Ralph Avery 208
Reloading Tools & Components 1966-67, the technical editors 209
Art of the Engraver, 4 pages of new work 218
Colt 1855 Isometic, James M. Triggs 222
Gunfighters of the Old West, Norman B. Wiltsey 224
Pellet Guns Review, M. James 235
Is the GI Carbine Dead?, Ken Warner 237
Shooting Shotcups, Edmund Waters 243
Testfire! 1966-1967, Ken Waters, et al 246
Dream Rifle, Tom Hayes 257
Armchair Chuck Hunting, George R. Phillips 261
Ross Rifles, A History, R. Phillips and J. Knap 264
1000 Yard Shooting!, Bob Hagel 276
The Handgun in Hunting, Harry P. Stubblefield 280
ABC – Metallic Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters 281
Shooter's Showcase, new items on display 288
Primer for Varmints, Joe Fargo 290
Charge Bar Bushing Test, A. M. Wynne, Jr. 333
Letters to Congressmen, Shooting Sports Assoc., Inc. 365
U.S. Handguns 291
U.S. Rifles 304
U.S. Shotguns 320
Foreign Arms in America 335
Pellet Guns 352
Chokes & Brakes 359
Ammunition Tables 361
Scopes & Mounts 366
Metallic Sights 373
Arms Library 377
Shooting Publications 386
Periodical Publications 387
Arms Associations 388
Glossary for Gunners 389
Directory of the Arms Trade 391
Index 400
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