Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1966

The Gun Digest – 1966

 Table of Contents  
John Marlin, Bill Rogoski 4
U.S. Rifles & Shotguns, 1965-66, Pete Kuhlhoff 10
Testfire! A Field Survey, Ken Waters 21
Beautiful Brownings, Pete Kuhlhoff 29
U.S. Handguns 1965-66, the technical editors 34
Foreign Firearms, George C. Nonte, Jr. 42
Treasure Hunt Safari, John T. Amber 51
Hi-Standard Autos, Gil Hebard 55
On Target, Warren Sipe 58
Scopes & Mounts 1965-66, Bob Bell 59
2-Bullet NATO Cartridge, George C. Nonte, Jr. 62
Tell Me, Elmer . . ., Don Frost 64
The Elegant World of Elk, Bradford Angier 65
Automatico V.B., S. A. Balistique 69
The Remington Model 10, L. S. Sterett 72
Gunning the Game Preserves, Jack Lawrence 79
Pipe in Your Crows!, Don Shiner 83
Dan Lefever – Inventor, Wallace Labisky 86
The Best Knives Made, Ken Warner 94
Chronographs Today, Edward M. Yard 99
Shoulder Stocks for Pistols, B. W. Brian 103
The Wild Ones! A. B. Kazan 108
Put and Take Choke, Francis E. Sell 112
The Old Winchesters, James E. Serven 115
A Rugged Holster, James Tallon 123
The Luger Myth, R. A. Burmeister 126
Stone Age Guided Missiles, Edw. A. Dieckmann 129
Fusil Electrique, Roger Barlow 133
The Mysterious Morrone, B. R. Hughes 136
Why The Magnum?, Bob Hagel 139
One and Only Pistol, Henry M. Stebbins 143
Want to be a Gunsmith?, B. Fritz Samuels 147
Case Neck Variations 151
Carousel of Cartridges, John Maynard 153
The Little BB Gun, Larry Mueller 157
Power Drilling Pointers, Glen F. Stillwell 160
Are Any Wildcats Good?, Courtney Wills 161
Nat'l Shooting Sports Fdn., Ed Hoffschmidt 165
Low Cost Custom Doubles, Francis E. Sell 166
Shot – A History, James E. Serven 170
British Service Rifles, W. D. Bell 176
Colt Longarms, James M. Triggs 183
Smoothbores for Deer, C. J. Milling, M.D. 186
Firearms in 4-Color, 57 guns on display 193
Great Western Guns, 32 pages from the past 225
The 41 Magnum, Dean Grennell 257
Today's Shotgun Missiles, Larry S. Sterett 263
Ed Shilen – Riflesmith, John T. Amber 269
Ballistics Mumbo Jumbo, Eric Jamieson 272
Gun Boxes, Jan S. Paul 274
Belly Guns, Paul Weston 275
Forensic Ballistic Errors, Shelley Braverman 280
Exploded Drawings, James M. Triggs 284
Custom Guns and their makers 350
A Treasury of the gun engraver's art 354
American Bulleted Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters 370
U.S. Handguns 288
U.S. Rifles 301
U.S. Shotguns 318
Foreign Arms in America 329
Pellet Guns 343
Chokes & Brakes 348
Reloadinig Tools & Components 358
Ammunition Tables 377
Scopes & Mounts 381
Metallic Sights 388
Arms Library 392
Shooter's Showcase 401
Periodical Publications 404
Arms Associations 405
Glossary for Gunners 406
Directory of the Arms Trade 408
Index 416

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