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Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1965

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The Gun Digest – 1965

 Table of Contents  
The Right to Bear Arms, B. F. Samuels 4
Duelling Pistols, James E. Servern 8
Ruger 10/22 Carbine, T. R. Rusfel 16
Contact Lenses, John Fix 18
The 41 S & W Magnum, Bob Wallack 19
Powder Scale Weight Test, John T. Amber 22
Metric Rifles & Cartridges, Frank C. Barnes 23
Model 70 Winchesters, Bob Hagel 32
U.S. Rifles & Shotguns, Pete Kuhlhoff 34
U.S. & Foreign Handguns, Mitch Westra 42
Foreign Rifles & Shotguns, John T. Amber 47
M14, Hail and Farewll, John Lachuk 53
Merwin & Hurlbert Guns, Mack Stirman 60
Canadian Vacation Shoot, W. J. Farquharson 65
16 – The All-Round Gauge, B. R. Hughes 70
“To Shoot . . . ?”, Wm. H. Allen, Jr. 72
Old Eyes & Pistol Shooting, Don Martin 73
Guide to American Museums, B. F. Samuels 77
The 257 Roberts, N. E. Nelson, Jr. 82
U.S. Bayonets, 1892-1958, Charles H. Yust, Jr. 84
Hunting A Big Mule, Arthur H. Carhart 87
Baggin' A Dragon, John Eaton 91
Chicopee Falls, Dewitt Sell 92
S&W Cartridge Pistols, James E. Serven 97
Crossbows, Bob M. Hyatt 107
Those Thundering Clerics, Edw. A. Dieckmann 111
Armorer of the Confederacy, F. W. Gleason 116
Flintlock Guns, Louis W. Steinwedel 122
Grizzly Bear, Bradford Angier 129
The Bretton Alloy Shotguns, Roger Barlow 133
18th Century Gun Cache, T. M. Hamilton 138
The Big Magnums, Robert Hutton 140
Colt or Smith & Wesson?, A. B. Kazan 147
Reloading the 44 Magnum, John Lachuk 153
Insights to Shooting Vision, N. H. Howard 160
Muscles For Moose! Clyde Ormound 163
Andrew Burgess, Gun Inventor, E. Burgess and L. T. Wakeling 166
Pellet Gun Makes History, First CO, Autoloader 176
45 Auto Pistol, Robert A. Burmeister 177
Shoot Your Guns, Hal Swiggett 181
Tuning the M70 Winchester, Bob Waller 184
410 Gauge Adaptor, Larry S. Sterett 186
Cold Weather Hunter, Joseph Rychetnik 187
The Public Shooting Ground, Ray Byron 191
Bolt Action 284, Bob Hagel 193
Lever Action Rifles, C. H. Helbig & P. B. Cain 195
Pronghorn Antelope, Bert Popowski 202
Townsend Whelen Award, $500 Story Contest 206
Safari Treasure Hunt, Winners Announced 206
Missile Age Shotgun, Jack Lawrence 207
Plinking Scopes, Bob Bell 210
Testfire! A Field Survey, Kenneth L. Waters 217
Lee Rifle Loader, Ken Warner 224
Exploded Drawings, James Triggs 225
Custom Guns, The Gunsmith's Art 284
Artistry in Metal, a gun engraving sampler 288
American Bulleted Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters 302
Speer Loading Data, a bonus feature 353
Loading the Plastics, Jim Horton 369
Handloading Fundamentals, Bob Thomas 372
Big 50 Cartridges, Geo. C. Nonte, Jr. 373
Shot Wrappers & Patterns, Wallace Labisky 376
The Powley PMAX, Edw. M. Yard 381
U.S. Handguns 227
U.S. Rifles 238
U.S. Shotguns 250
Foreign Arms in America 261
Pellet Guns 276
Chokes & Brakes 282
Reloading Tools & Bullets 292
Ammunition Tables 311
Scopes & Mounts 318
Metallic Sights 325
Arms Library 329
Shooter's Showcase 338
Periodical Publications 341
Arms Associations 342
Glossary for Gunners 343
Directory of the Arms Trade 345
Index 352

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