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Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1963

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The Gun Digest – 1963

 Table of Contents
The Shotgun – A full history, James E. Serven 4
U.S. Handguns, 1962-1963, Pete Kuhlhoff 13
U.S. Rifles & Shotguns, John T. Amber 19
Foreign Firearms, 1962-1963, John T. Amber 30
This Magnum Kick, Lou B. Bretton 36
The Shotshell Grows Up! Warren Page 41
John Farquharson's Rifle, L. E. Harthan 48
Testfire! A Field Survey, Kenneth L. Waters 56
17 Caliber Rifles and Cartridges, Atkinson & Marquart 64
Turkey Shoot a la Mexicana, Robert T. Shaw 65
Buffalo! Norman B. Wiltsey 68
High Country Grouse Hunting, William Curtis 77
Magnum Shotgunning, Francis Sell 80
Redfield 3x-9x Variable, Bob Bell 84
Long Shots at Big Game, Bob Hagel 86
Crows in the Snow, Don Shiner 90
Rare Stock Woods, Dick Simmons 93
Caribou! Bradford Angier 98
The 222 on Rehbock, Col. G. O. Ashley 101
Ballistic Bull, John Maynard 105
Gun Calibers for Game Callers, Russell Tinsley 110
Let's Collect Cartridges! Stuart Miller 113
The 256 Magnum Finds a Home! Bob Wallack 118
The Mossberg Story, Pete Brown 120
Magnum Megalomania, Robert Chatfield-Taylor 125
Shooting Steel, Rex Stanley 129
Inventory Your Guns, Larry S. Sterett 134
The 25 Krag Improved, Hal Stephens 136
Kids Want to Shoot, Herb Parsons 141
Cast Bullets on Game, Jack McPhee 143
Rifle Stocking Made Easy, John R. Stacy 145
Good Gun Manners, Bill Clede 150
Sharps 4-Barrel Pistols, Frank M. Sellers 153
The Baby Nambu, Roy D. Strengholt 158
Southern Highland Whitetails, Joe Gaines 161
The Hornet's Big Enough, George Lindsay 167
The Ruger Carbine in Africa, Pete Kuhlhoff 172
FFFg Military Arms and Loads, Frank Barnes 176
The Smith & Wesson 38 Master, Gil Hebard 184
Reloading the S&W 38 Master, Kent Bellah 189
Distance Does It, Carlos Vinson 190
Reloading the 22 Jet, Kent Bellah 194
American Bulleted Cartridges, Kenneth L. Waters 196
Artistry in Metal, a gun engraving sampler 204
Custom Guns, The gunsmith's art 208
Exploded Drawings, a GUN DIGEST Bonus 353
U.S. Rifles 212
U.S. Handguns 233
U.S. Shotguns 248
Chokes & Brakes 264
Pellet Guns 267
Foreign Arms in America 273
Ammunition Tables 293
Scopes & Mounts 300
Metallic Sights 309
Reloading Tools 313
The Arms Library 327
Periodical List 336
Shooter's Showcase 337
Arms Associations 342
Glossary for Gunners 343
Directory of the Arms Trade 345
Index 352
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