Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1962

The Gun Digest – 1962

 Table of Contents
Spencer's Great 7-Shooter by Norman B. Wiltsey 4
New and Hot Little 22s by Edward M. Yard 14
Dead Center! by Pete Kuhlhoff 17
Good Old Guns by Henry Stebbins 21
Cold Comfort by Col. Townsend Whelen 25
Bear Hunting With Hounds by Carlos Vinson 29
Newest Safari Country by Tom McNally 32
New Loads Make News! by Robert Hutton 37
U.S. Rifles and Shotguns by John Amber 40
U.S. Handguns 1961-1962 by Kent Bellah 51
Knock Down Nothing by Warren Page 57
Foreign Arms 1961-1962 by John Amber 60
Military Rifles by Frank Barnes 66
All-Round Gun by Pierre Pulling 74
How to be a Handgunner by Gil Hebard 78
Testfire! A Field Survey by Kenneth Waters 85
English Shotguns by John du Mont 91
Fast Draw vs. Quick Draw by Charles M. Heard 95
Don't Blow Your Head Off! by G. R. Hunter 100
Rocky Mountain Bighorn by Jim Ryan 102
Kitchen Table Handloads by Don Martin 105
Proof Marks in Great Britain by A. Baron Engelhardt 109
Submarine Guns Today by Larry S. Sterett 114
The Truth About Twist by John Maynard 123
Hollow Point Homily by Crawford Hollidge 127
Brand Names on Firearms, a GUN DIGEST Feature 131
Stick to Your Guns by Pete Brown 134
Handgun Bullet Swaging by Kent Bellah 137
New Cases From Old, by George C. Nonte 140
Short Shorts by Jim Horton 146
357 – Most Practical Handgun by Robert V. Thompson 147
Milton Farrow and His Rifles by Richard H. Chamberlain 152
Civil War Gun Catalog, a GUN DIGEST Bonus 161
Kentucky Rifles by Robert Held 193
Plastic Shotshells by Jim Horton 200
Moose! by Bradford Angier 202
Are Wildcats Dead? by P. O. Ackley 206
Hunting the Sea Otter by Jack McPhee 213
Teen Hunters Club by Dick Miller 217
Variable Power Scopes by Bob Bell 218
Rifle and Shotgun Care by Bob Tremaine 225
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth Waters 227
Artistry in Metal, a gun engraving sampler 234
Custom Rifles, the gunsmith's art 238
Exploded Drawings, a GUN DIGEST Feature 318
U.S. Rifles – models and prices 242
U.S. Handguns – models and prices 262
U.S. Shotguns – models and prices 276
Chokes & Brakes, with prices 290
Pellet Guns – models and prices 293
Foreign Arms in America 298
Ammunition Tables 325
Scopes & Mounts, with prices 332
Metallic Sights, with prices 341
Reloading Tools, with prices 345
Arms Associations 359
Contributors 360
The Arms Library 361
Periodical List 370
Shooter's Showcase 371
Glossary for Gunners 376
Directory of the Arms Trade 378
Index 384
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