Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1959

The Gun Digest – 1959

 Table of Contents
The Free Pistol by Bill Toney 3
Bullet Bustup by Warren Page 9
U.S. Firearms 1958-59 by Bob Wallack
Bigbore Rifles 15
Smallbore Rifles 20
Pistols & Revolvers 23
Shotguns 27
The 338 in Africa by Col. Charles Askins 30
Trajectory Nomograph by Robert V. Thompson 36
Handguns For Hunting by Elmer Keith 40
The Ones That Shoot Back by Jack O'Connor 46
Breechloaders in the Revolution by Jac Weller 53
Practical Pressures by John Maynard 59
European Break-Open Guns by Dr. Otis P. Gray 65
Old Betsy by Warren Page 72
Forerunners of the First Winchester – Pt. 3 by Thomas E. Hall 77
Ed McGivern – Fastest, Fanciest Sixgunner by Chad Wallin 80
Snapshooting and Snapshooting Rifles by Francis E. Sell 88
10 Commandments for Handloaders by Robert V. Thompson 93
Shikar in Asia by Jack O'Connor 96
This Long Range Shotgunning by Col. George W. Busbey 104
Thar's Guns in Them Sierras by Robert Tyler Shaw 110
New Barrels From Old by Pierre Pulling 112
The Rifled Slug on Deer by Erwin A. Bauer 118
Varmint Rifles by Clyde Ormond 122
The Indian Fusil by Charles E. Hanson, Jr. 126
Hunting the Great Gaur by Col. Charles Askins 129
Deutsche Drillinge by Warren Siipe 136
Early Loading Tools by Richard H. Chamberlain 141
Orphan Cartridges by Henry M. Stebbins 146
Shotgun Handloads by Edmund Waters 151
Sharps Rifle Company Catalog, 1878 a great rarity's first reproduction 155
Proof in Austria-Hungary by A. Baron Engelhardt 163
Most Deadly Handgun Loads by Kent Bellah 170
Black Powder Miscellany by Charles H. Yust 175
Nation of Riflemen? by Col. Townsend Whelen 180
Hollywood Gunmen by Charley MacDonald Heard 186
American Bulleted Cartridges by Kenneth L. Waters 195
Artistry In Metal a gun engraving sampler 201
Exploded Drawings by James M. Triggs 268
Glossary For Gunners common and obscure terms defined 314
Dale W. Goens-Stockmaker and engraver, guns by a versatile craftsman 321
Custom Guns 205
U.S. Rifles – models and prices 209
U.S. Handguns – models and prices 225
U.S. Shotguns – models and prices 236
Choke Devices, with prices 247
Pellet Guns – models and prices 250
Foreign Arms in America 254
Ammunition Tables, with prices 274
Scopes & mounts, with prices 281
Metallic Sights, with prices 288
Reloading Tools, with prices 292
Arms Associations 301
Contributors 303
The Arms Library 304
Shooters Showcase 311
Directory of the Arms Trade 316
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