Gun Digest

Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1958

The Gun Digest – 1958

 Table of Contents
Hunting in Europe by John T. Amber 3
American Handguns 1957-58 by Bob Wallack 9
Shooting the Handgun by Paul Weston 14
Gatling Gun by Harvey Brandt 20
You Can't Be Over-Gunned by John Gay 30
I'm Sick of Magnums by Francis E. Sell 31
Handloading is Great by Warren Page 38
Colt Walker-Dragoon Holsters by B. R. Lewis 43
The Sheep Rifle by Jack O'Connor 46
Common Sense Case Capacity by John Maynard 50
Handicapped Hunters by Ernie Lind 54
Freund & Bro. – Part Two by John Barsotti 55
Black Brant of Baja by Ormal I. Sprungman 65
Junior's 22 by Henry M. Stebbins 68
The 44 Magnum by Elmer Keith 74
Address Colt. Colt London by Howard L. Blackmore 79
Colt London Catalog of 1896 a 16-page full scale facsimile 85
The Shotgun Story 1957-58 by Bob Wallack 101
The Story of AR-10 by Wm. B. Edwards 106
Nuggets of History by Paul A. Matthews 112
Pheasants For Free by Joe Mears 116
Forerunners of the First Winchester – Part Two by Thomas E. Hall 120
This Gun Collecting Game by John T. Amber 128
Go Fer Gophers by Robert V. Thompson 133
English Elephant Guns 136
The Ideal Shotgun by George W. Busbey 141
Italian Proof Marks by A. Baron Engelhardt 145
Deer Hunter's Ballistics by Don Martin 148
U.S. Rifle Review 1957-58 by Bob Wallack 152
A Code For Muzzle Loaders by Kenneth L. Waters 158
Gun Engraving by E. C. Prudhomme 161
Kornbrath, Master Engraver – 22 photo specimens 166
Clay Bird Scatterguns by Warren Page 170
Shooting Fun For Everyone by Earl B. Holdren 174
Rocky Mountain Goats by Jim Rearden 177
Shooter's Choice by Kenneth L. Waters 181
Zündnadelgewehr by Fred H. Baer 187
Old Gus by Frank Sheldon 193
Case and Cartridge Gauges by Robert V. Thompson 197
Carving a Gunstock by Hal Hartley 199
Exploded Drawings by James M. Triggs 263
Special Bullet Sizing Dies by E. J. Krava 300
Stocks by Lenard Brownell, his masterwork pictured 321
Custom Guns 205
U.S. Rifles – model and prices 209
U.S. Handguns – models and prices 225
U.S. Shotguns – models and prices 236
Choke Devices, with prices 247
Pellet Guns – models and prices 250
Foreign Arms in America 253
Ballistic Tables, with prices 273
Scopes & Mounts, with prices 280
Metallic sights, with prices 287
Reloading Tools, with prices 291
Arms Associations 301
National Rifle Association 301
Contributors 302
The Arms Library 303
Shooters Showcase 313
Directory of the Arms Trade 316
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