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Gun Digest Annual TOC: 1957

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The Gun Digest 11th Edition – 1957

 Table of Contents
The Emperor's Pistol by Stephen V. Grancsay 2
Right on the Button by Warren Page 6
A Man's Sixgun by Col. Charles Askins 11
Freund & Bro. by John Borsotti 15
Rifle Round-Up 1956-57 by Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher 23
Gun Proof in Spain by A., Baron Engelhardt 29
Sultan of the Swamp by Gerald R. Hunter 33
Lost Causes by F. W. Foster Gleason 36
The Sportsman's Handgun by Don Martin 36
A Collector's Bonanza by Maj. R. O. Ackerman 49
African Safari by Jack O'Connor 52
Guns and Gear on the Trail by Col. Townsend Whelen 58
Rebel Revolver by William A. Albaugh, III 62
Love That Gun – but not to death by Henry Stebbins 70
Caveat Emptor by John S. du Mont 75
Goal to Go by Warren Page 79
Japanese Long Guns 1539-1905 by Charles H. Yust 84
Magnumitis by Col. George W. Busbey 92
The Gettysburg Sharps by Paul A. Matthews 96
Sharps Ammunition by Graham Burnside 100
Operation Testfire by Col. Charles Askins 106
The 458 Winchester in Africa by Richard C. Heck 113
Hatcher on Handguns 1956-57 by Maj. Gen. J. S. Hatcher 118
A Shotgun is a Paintbrush by John Maynard 124
The World is Ours on Guns 129
Zero by Robert V. Thompson 136
Forerunners of the First Winchester by Thomas E. Hall 140
The Shooters Needs by Kenneth L. Waters 147
Gun Engraving – Part Two by Edw. C. Prudhomme 155
Pellet Guns by Art Cook 159
The Luger Pistol by Fred A. Datig 162
Streamlined Scatterguns by Col. Charles Askins 170
What Price Magnification? by John Maynard 177
Custom Checkering by John T. Amber 181
Shotgun Choking by Elmer Keith 222
Exploded Drawings by Shelley Braverman 238
K. Stegall – Stockmaker 289
Custom Guns 182
U.S. Rifles – models and prices 186
U.S. Handguns – models and prices 202
U.S. Shotguns – models and prices 212
Choke Devices, with prices 223
Pellet Guns – models and prices 225
Foreign Arms in America 228
Ballistic Tables, with prices 248
Scopes & mounts, with prices 254
Metallic Sights, with prices 260
Reloading Tools, with prices 264
American Arms Associations 271
National Rifle Association 271
Contributors 272
Gun Book Reviews 273
Shooters Showcase 278
Directory of the Arms Trade 284
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